When it rains it pours

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Mushroom Caps!! Filled with Chicken squares, Lemon juice, mushroom stems finely cut, salt, pepper, feta cheese, garlic, cream cheese, and paprika.

The reflection of the toilet on the floor is not because I am an amazing floor waxer…it’s flooded with water.
It comes up around my feet
A ridiculous amount of water on the floor!

Saturday was the day we finally went grocery shopping so we can actually have meals at the house other than pasta. I got excited because I really want to cook these musroom caps filled with suprises…well they ended up being amazing, however the day itself wasn’t so fantastic. We had bathroom issues..like the fact a whole bottle of detergent was spilled on the floor. It took all of our towels to clean it all up…we obviously need to shower so I decided to wash the towels and hopefully hang dry them before the sun goes down. Well the hose came out of the whole (which by the way, we have to stick our hose for the washer down the Bidet) and flooded the whole bathroom floor and the towels were already soaking wet. So we took a broom and a bucket and swept the water into the bucket putting it into the tub..End result…we tied to hose to the handles of the Bidet so hopefully this will not happen again.

The washer is so psycho that when I came back into the bathroom to see if the floor was dry..I couldn’t open the door because the washer shook all the way to the entrance and I had to push it open just to walk into the bathroom. So bizzare!

Sunday was spent mostly driving around the mountains (our tire started smoking) and at a cafe where we both could use the internet. We had the most amazing Gelato ever and then had some really yummy beer that was actually pretty lite.

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