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As my due date is quickly approaching, I find myself more and more nervous that there are things that I have forgotten!  Writing everything down is definitely so helpful.  I have written out a list below of the  things that I have packed for the hospital in order to try and stay organized.  Quick tip:  The moment you realize you have forgotten something or would like to pack something, add it ASAP so that you don’t forget!

**Since returning home from the hospital I have put all of the items that I actually used and needed in BOLD

1)Nursing Pillow  Some very cute covers can be found on Etsy! For me I so did not regret bringing this. Breastfeeding for the first time would have been so so awkward without it.

2) Personal Pillow for Hospital Bed- A little piece of home that made me so much more comfortable. I used this for post delivery though…not beforehand…gross! 🙂 ALSO MAKE SURE YOU DONT LEAVE YOURS BEHIND WHEN CHECKING OUT. THANK GOODNESS WE HAD A BRIGHT PILLOW CASE FOR OURS AS WE WERE ABLE TO IDENTIFY IT AT THE LOST AND FOUND.

3) Shower Sandals- I thought I would use these…but after delivery I wasn’t able to stand anyway. I had to sit on the ledge seat and the last thing I was worried about was sandals. For safety reasons it made sense not to use them.  I showered directly after birth but that was it I didn’t stay at the hospital long enough to take another one…besides I had a shared room and there was no way I was going to shower in it knowing the roommate did.  I just found it to be gross.

4) Lightweight Robe- SO SO glad I brought this!!

5) Maternity Gown/Headband– I used the gown but no the headband

6) Hair Ties- Total necessity!

7) Comfy Socks/Slippers-I used both of these as hospital covers are so thin that I would get cold.

8) Nursing pads/Nursing Bra/Nursing Tank or Top

9) Comfy loose pants/ Going home Outfit of your choice

10) Toilieteries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo & Conditioner, scope, body wash, body lotion, perfume, dry shampoo, Face Spritzer, Nipple Cream, Face Wipes, Face Lotion Wipes, Eyeshadow Palate (includes concealer), Laura Mercier tinted Moisturizer, Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, Deodorant, Dior Brow Style, Lancome Blush, waterproof Mascara, Chapstick-I ABSOLUTELY USED ALL OF THESE THINGS.

11) Pads/comfy underwear

12) Belly Bandit (Just in Case) -TOTALLY not necessary as mine did not fit me until day 3 postpartum

13) Jolly Ranchers-did use or even think about these.

14) Baby Book

15) Technology I.E. Phone Charger, GPS, Laptop, Laptop Charger (Computer is more for the hubs)

16) Dirty laundry bag

I was so naive when packing for the baby. Literally even if you have a huge baby like I did only newborn clothes are going to fit him.  Here is what you need:

3-4 sleepers in newborn size (I say this many because you never know how long you will be there), super tiny socks, a newborn size hat, two blankets, diapers, wipes, carseat, and one super cute going home outfit.  That’s really all they need!  Of course his bag was so small that it didnt really hurt or matter that I brought all the other stuff. I mean I even packed a pair of tiny shoes! haha Like I said I was so naive!!

I am all set!!  XOXOF9ABC3CA47253157CA0617C388BB0959


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