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Sweater: Bootlegger  // Jeans: Seven from Winners // Shoes and bag are from Forever21


I just love love this casual everyday sweater.  It’s surprisingly a lot more versatile then it may seem. I have worn it with denim shorts, white pants, jeans, boots, flats, heels. All giving it a different feel.  This one is my favorite though.  It’s very effortless and comfortable and perfect for a Fall day that can’t make up it’s mind if it wants to be cold or hot.


It may seem odd to write this on a styled outfit post but I feel like because this is my blog I can take liberties when I want to.  And right now I want to talk about something amazing that I got to do this weekend.

I have decided to dedicate a small portion of my time in getting to know the people who are working with an organization called Raising Hope and Moving Families Forward. I believe in the work that they are doing and the women and babies that they are helping.  The impact that they have on these women’s lives are really incredible.  This weekend my church donated $1500 to try and pare down their very long list of needs.  You see they are moving into a bigger building in hopes to not have to turn away any women who already may have children with them but are also pregnant.  So with this growth they are actually in desperate need of even simple things like towels.

We were able to buy microwaves, toasters, end tables, sheets, pans, cutlery, lamps, light bulbs, but then also I was able to donate things like car seats, clothes, bubbles, toys, children’s books, luggage/duffle bags for their hospital delivery and so much more.

Giving this blessing was an amazing experience that I am grateful for.  I am grateful for my church that saw this need as being important enough to do something to help.  I am extremely grateful that they have set themselves up in a position to where they could even be able to help in the first place. There are those who don’t understand why successful churches run themselves like a business and well, this is why my friends.  Because that is how you are able to attend church that has basic necessities like electricity, heat, and water.  I don’t know very many people who would attend if their weren’t these things, especially in below 40 conditions.  It’s smart to have nest eggs and rainy day funds for when things come up.  And guess what?  They almost always do come up.  The last thing I want to do is turn something so positive and amazing into a rant so I will just say, God is love.

One last bit of information!  I have put together a fundraiser for Raising Hope for October 22.  Space is very limited.  If you would like to attend I will leave the link here! https://www.paintnite.com/events/-10017064  I will be there!  We will have a silent auction, 50/50, You can order drinks and appetizers.  All for a very good cause 🙂  In addition to that if you are local and have things you are willing to donate you can drop them off at Namerind or leave me a message below and I will give you further details.

They are always in need of extra diapers, towels, sheets, tooth paste, tooth brushes, and currently in need of living room chairs, dressers, cribs, strollers, coffee tables, couches.

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