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Real Talk… The past Several years, Valentines Day always felt like it came at the worst time. It was right after Christmas, we would be trying to make winter travel plans, I hate going out in the cold.

We used to do things like traveling dinners, or get creative with movie marathons.  But their was a lull their for a little while and this year my Mother in Law was like I am sitting the kids where are ya’ll going to go? Haha so we made plans!

I love trying new restaurants and exploring but that isn’t always easy on days like Mothers Day or VDay.  I made a couple of calls and just got this feeling that I should go with my fav.  I don’t love when restaurants impose a set menu for the evening.  I totally get why its put in place, but its just too limiting. I want what I want, especially when dining out costs as much as it does.

We made dinner reservations at Chop for one of their earlier reservation times. I got all dressed up which was so fun!  I LOVED that they offered both the set menu and their full menu to patrons.  It was the best of both worlds.  Brendan ordered the three course set menu so I ordered three of my favorite appetizers to come out timed with his.  Fish Tacos (which isn’t on their menu but they make them for me since I don’t eat chicken and they are to die for), Truffled Potatoes, Ahi Tuna Tataki, Vegetable Temura topped off with a bottle of Prosecco. I know that is four things by the way.. I just have to have the potatoes though! The food was just perfect.  They really understand that its all in the details which is what sets them apart.  Mothers Day they provided moms with potted herbs, and had Mothers Day cards in the restrooms in case you forgot to pick one up.  This evening they had someone going around with a Polaroids taking snap shots you got to take home with you.  SO Cute!!!

Our server this particular evening felt like she was brand new and learning to navigate her surroundings a bit, but everyone starts from somewhere and she was very kind. There were a few hiccups with drinks and ringing in the wrong food but the Chop team were honestly all over it and fixed it. I hate to even write that though because it didn’t take away from our evening and wasn’t reflective of all the other times he have dined or skipped the dishes this past year! Haha. All in all its literally the place to go, especially for special occasions.

Since I drank a lot…like the whole bottle of prosecco we decided to walk around Chapters until the late night movie started. We ordered tea and walked around which was nice.  I am obsessed with ordering from my app and walking in and skipping the line to just pick up my drink order. I found out you can do the same thing with movie tickets now!  So I sat in Starbucks ordered our premium reclining seats for Star Wars and felt like a total spoilt bad ass bitch! :)…Queeen! We sheepishly snuck our teas in by hiding them behind our popcorn and felt like rebel teenagers snickering as we walk passed the ticket stubber. Clearly we do NOT get out much!  I loved the movie!  I wish their were more movie times like in the good ole days. We didnt make it home until 1AM or so. Anyone else feel me?

Just a side note…I still like to buy candy/chocolate/flowers the day after.  It feels so much better knowing you got a killer deal!


P.S.  We dont usually exchange Valentines Day gifts but this year we did. Brendan brought home this adorable treat back from Hawaii. Its a Maui Divers gold heart necklace with a secret message inside.  It says ALOHA! I love that I will always have this keepsake! So sweet!

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