Things Engraved New Personalized Yoga Mats

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Yoga Mat : Things Engraved c/o //  Leg warmers : LuLuLemon // leggings : Lululemon // Tank top : Lululemon // Sports Bra : Panache Sport

Just in time for the holidays these personalized yoga mats are the perfect gift.  You can have whatever you want embroidered on them and for me it was kind of a no brainer. Its been my theme these past two months.

Just a small gentle reminder to be more present, let things go more, and that everything doesn’t have to be just right.  I don’t know when I started putting all this pressure on myself to have things all feel, look and be a certain way but honestly it’s exhausting and doesn’t serve any higher purpose other than give me stress sometimes.  The older I get the worse it has become.  I am learning to let things be and enjoy moments more than worry about having things put together all the time.



Photos done by Sarah Cheshire.

This post is in partnership with Things Engraved, their are no affiliate links associated with this post.

Thank you to Brewed Awakening for allowing me to use your venue!

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