The Market

 In Diary

Today Brendan and I went to the market and spent 3 hours just walking around and taking in all the stimulation. For me I was swarmed with italian leather, purses, boots, sweaters, etc. and then we spent maybe 30 minutes of that time spending, spending. This market is full of the most random and amazing things. Really cheap jeans, and shirts, clothes, then amazing food and rides, tractors, pigs, and even cheese. Let’s do it again tomorrow!Brendan’s new house attire…

Brendan’s new leather jacket and SHOES!!
I bought a new purple jacket!

They make tons of these for the market..Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

The leaves here have changed drastically!
Umm….look at all the grease in the tray!

Pigs for sale!!!
Gelati for you…
Gelati for me…
He drives this little car around everywhere.
They sang along to a CD
I thought I could try the sausage.. But couldn’t do it.

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