Stone Cold by David Baldacci

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The first thing you have to understand is that there are no good guys. There are only people. Some of them you like more than others. But don’t let your feeling for them distract from the fact that they are cold, and calculating, and probably wouldn’t like you if given a chance. The second thing you have to understand is the collision. Two storylines that have nothing to do with each other. Granted. Both are stories of revenge. Both, to some extent, converge against the same object. One, a con artist and a thief that made off with millions from a criminal underlord. And the criminal underlord killing everyone in his path to get it back. Now hiding with her last safe haven. A former US agent.  The second, a Russian spy turned traitor to her country. The man she loved killed for fear that he was traitor to his. And their son, now 30 years after this death, killing his way through the US agents responsible for his father’s murder.  And when the two meet, death pays them company.  But it is also a story of redemption. There are no good people in this book. Some get what’s coming to them. Some are redeemed after all. I am going to be straight up with you guys though!  I read this book months ago and put off writing this review and now it’s not all fresh in my mind to delve into specific characters and timelines.  I can say that I did love this book though.  Would for sure recommend it.  I also assure you I will diversify my books a bit more as I do realize I read a lot of Baldacci!!

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