Spa Day

 In Diary

Today I pretty much spent the whole afternoon getting my head rubbed, cut, and colored. I basically only went into the salon because I was down and wanted someone to play with my hair!! HA! I also found out that I can’t go tanning in town because I am not a member of the place and I don’t want to pay a membership fee on top of paying an arm and a leg just to lay on a bunch of light bulbs to fake myself into thinking I actually got some sunlight. Anywho…this is my hairdo…

I am also really excited because I have decided to draw up some of my own business plans in my spare time. But mostly right now I am spending my days reading, knitting, and lesson plans. I have not been really enjoying the weather outside so I don’t do much hiking right now.

I am also on the prowl for a puppy! One of my students tried to sell me a german sheppard..I was sooo thinking about it until I saw how big they got. YIKES! I want a littttle dog.

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