Scotch Naturals in Caleigh

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A little bit of information taken from the Scotch Naturals website!! “Scotch Naturals was founded in 2009 by Phoenix mom Ginny Cardenas. After developing Hopscotch Kids, a line of non-toxic nail polish for little ones, she and her team realized there was an equal demand for an eco-friendly, salon-quality polish for adults. With that in mind, they developed Scotch Naturals. 

Scotch Naturals is a line of water-based, non-toxic polish that is free of the harsh chemicals found in most solvent-based polishes. Designed to nourish and strengthen nails with repeated use, it is non-yellowing, and requires no base or top coat. The line currently includes 17 vibrant colors and a polish remover “

This is one of my favorite colors they have!! It is so unique and fun. Reminds me of a fluffy clouds in the sky on a nice spring day. It really does make me think happy thoughts!

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