When In Rome

 In Diary

On Saturday we really tested the waters and bought midnight train tickets from Bolzano to Rome. We were lucky we made it on time because Brendan’s game went into overtime and then a shoot out. All in all it was nice to have a straight shot and be able to sleep the whole way. We ran into so many people who spoke English which was really refreshing. As soon as we got there a guy came up to us and asked us if we needed a room. It really worked out because we had a great view, nicer bed then we have at home and only paid 60 euros a night. The third night we stayed in a different B&B and it was just as great only it was 50 euros:) The first two days we were there we basically trucked it and saw everything we could possibly see. Brendan has this fix that if he sees a big picture on a map it must be awesome…so that means we just have to see it! The third day was great because we didn’t have a plan at all…we went into any and every store and had amazing gelato. It was a great vacation!!

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