Review & Reveal of the NEW Almay CC Cream

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I purchased this product on a total whim and out of pure curiosity as to what it’s all about.


First impressions

  1. 1.) The packaging was sleek and inciting. Mostly why it perked my interest. I love sleek and slender as it makes it easy to travel with!
  2. 2.) The bottle says it’s a complexion corrector. I chose the Light Medium shade as I do have a bit of a tan and not my usual pasty self!
  3. 3.) When opening the packaging and applying it to the back of my hand I notice that the consistency is a thick paste like cream..


Overall Thoughts

I am not sure why this  product smells so strongly of sunscreen when no where on the bottle it states that it has an SPF?? (See picture above)  Also I feel like the texture is that of sunscreen.  Hard to work into the skin unless you are using your fingers.  It doesn’t apply smoothly as I hoped it would and actually leaves my skin streaky looking unless I take some of the product off with a sponge.  It doesn’t give me the amount of coverage I need to last throughout the day and I still would have to use a concealer and powder to set it in order to cover up my erythema around my nose.  The coloring on this is a bit more orange than I expected also.

**Anyone else get so angry as to why retailers mark up the price by 50% for us Canadians!?!  This cost me 16.99$ at a drugstore.  I did some looking and what other bloggers had to say to see if it was just me who didn’t like this product (this seems to be the case) and in the states some got it for 9.99$






I am not sure if you can tell in these before and afters but in the after picture you can see how splotchy the foundation is.  It’s streaky and doesn’t melt or blend into the skin like my other favorite products do.  You can also see the shadowing at my jaw line where the makeup left a line even after blending blending blending. It’s one of those products you have to work with a whole lot to get any sort of pay off.

Love you Girls!!   F9ABC3CA47253157CA0617C388BB0959



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