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Hat: Bootlegger // Sweatshirt : Buttercream Clothing c/o // Gloves : Superstore // Pants: lululemon // Boots: Hunter.com

Sometimes it really is all in the name.  This cozy cowl neck sweater is made out of bamboo blend fleece fabric & soft fleece ribbing.  It really is the softest material and proudly made in Canada!  This combo happens to be my favorite but there are also lots of others to choose from!  I am also proud to say that it holds up after being washed extremely well!  I have washed mine a dozen times already as mentioned above its my new fav sweater and I am a momma of two messy toddlers 🙂  There are no care instructions that come with these items so I asked just to be on the safe side. Recommended care: machine wash cold, lay flat to dry and then pop them in for a nice fluff if you wish.

On a more personal note!  I absolutely cannot believe it is mid September.  My 31st Birthday is just around the corner and to be honest that is hitting me hard!  I am in disbelief.  I am pushing ahead though, doing my loads of to do lists one in which is a list of all the things I want to do before it snows!  This is my absolute favorite season and even though it is the quickest..I want to make sure we fit it all in!  I am on the hunt for a pumpkin patch/corn maze!  The one we went to the past two years in Calgary was SOOO much fun!



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