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I am just going to write what is on my mind tonight and I hope that’s alright!

I can’t stop thinking about Kate Spade.  Specifically, this evening I am thinking of her 13 year old little girl. No note left behind will be enough for any mother’s daughter, at least not in my mind.  I am feeling so deeply saddened for her and her great loss. Thirteen is such a pivotal and challenging year for most on its own.  It is the age when my parents filed for divorce. While I didn’t lose my parents to death, I was definitely put in the cross fire of what felt like death at times.  I felt angry, hurt, and used. I felt alone, sad, and on occasion wondered if I had taken my own life would I even be missed?  I was just honestly sooo confused.  It’s my prayer that she is surrounded by loved ones and unwavering support.  The momma in me just wants to hug her tight and tell her its ok, if your not ok.

 I find myself to be a very cautious person of what I submit publish to on the internet because I have a family to consider.  Is this something I want my kids to find someday sort of thing?  I feel like there is a lot about me that they don’t need to know  in order to know me as their mom and a person.  Sure I can share some of my struggles and pain with navigating this world and fighting to become the person I am today.  But for now I feel like protecting their hearts as much as I can. After all they are just 3 and 5 and I have a tendency of getting ahead of myself.

I don’t really like to touch on news articles, but as a blogger who has worn Kate Spade not only for herself but for her own daughter upward of 10 years now I was completely gutted by the news.  Brendan asked my if I knew of a Kate Spade and I looked at him and said yeah it’s the brand of Brielle’s shirt she is wearing today and that’s how I found out.

What are your thoughts on it? What are some of your favorite pieces? How do you talk to your teens about such a hard topic?



Photos are by Sarah Cheshire Photography in YQR

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