Our new home for 9 months!

 In Diary

We have to use these mirrors to see around the curvy narrow roads…
The very cold outdoor rink….with no seats, the fans stand the whole time.
We are surrounded by really green and beautiful mountains!
This is our apartment on top of a mountain!

So it is our third day in Italy and we have our internet working, however, it doesn’t work in our home. So we are very limited to our usage and we only have 100 hours a month before it expires and then we wait to buy more hours at the end of the month. So much for watch-tv-sitcoms. com! We don’t live by anyone on the team but it is really beautiful and high in the mountains. When you walk out on the front steps you can here the river water. There are sunflowers and cafes everywhere you walk!

It will be really interesting to see how we will manage living with a hotel sized fridge and no oven all season! And boy am I ever going to miss using a dishwasher! I have my work cut out for me! 🙂


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