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Our Dryer A bridge we are still trying to find a way to drive over it
The river and a walking bridge

I don’t even know what the point of having a cable guy is for the team. Our guy came over today to install our satellite taking him a whole half hour to do, and we managed to score two channels. Both are world news. I am so excited! I get to get my very own cell phone. I have not had mine since I cut it off back in January. I also showed Brendan what I have been up to this past week on my trails I have discovered. We still don’t have a dryer yet, which makes it very interesting. Talk about being neighbors. You walk out to our little back porch and all you see is your neighbors whitie tighties on a line hung to dry. which I must mention is a 30-40ish old man who still lives with his mom.  🙂  The little things in life.

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