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Brendan and I went for drinks at Franco’s Bar two nights in a row.  The first night we went, we were just gosh darn tired that it ended up being our dinner that evening and  went home and crashed from jet lag.  But we met some super sweet Aussie Babes that took this photo for us.  We loved this place so much that we came back the very next evening early so that we could sit in the front row for the view.  We sat in the sun for about 45 minutes waiting for it to go behind the mountain so that we could actually enjoy it.  We ended up meeting some really cool london friends this evening as well.  In a nutshell, Francos Bar La Sirenuise is definitely a place to go for drinks!

Chez Black!  I had no idea the history of this place before sitting down just the fact that I walked by and loved the chairs and how it was in such a perfect location.  I love it when that happens!  When you find a gem all on your own. It makes it that much sweeter!  We also had NO idea that Francos Bar was a little hot spot.  Anyhow Chez Black was delicious!  We went for here lunch and then the next day I came back in the afternoon for some drinks,dessert,and coffee.  I spent sometime reading about the owners love story on the back of the menu and realized I was sitting right beside Mr. Black both days.  Quite a legacy he has left his children.  It’s a really special place that I am glad we stopped in at.

Port docks where all of the ferries stop to take you out on the water.  We found most outings to be very pricy!

The Chairs that lured me in.  A beautiful tiffany blue right on the beach.

We both ordered our own pizzas.  Margherita and a Tuna, Salad and our usual Aperol Spritz

I spent a solid two weeks looking at hotels and homeaways to stay at in Positano.  Positano is jaw dropping incredible and well it comes at a cost that may drop some jaws as well.  I was on a mission to find a deal though and Let me just say this balcony is million dollar views just a bit higher than the famous La Sirenuse hotel but at such a deal. I will link the homeaway we stayed at HERE        

It was my first time using Homeaway but the place I found was so incredible. We couldn’t believe our view.  Its located so close to La Sirenuse/Francos Bar/ and so many other amazing sights.  We had access to a fridge, kitchen, close to the grocery stores.  It was honestly such a beautiful home and the owner lives right above and is so lovely. She really took care of us.

 When we got to Positano we went to the local grocery store and looked for some of our favorite Italian things.   Anise Bread, cheese, olives, local fresh fruit and we of course asked to try some of their local wine and they gave us this one.  We enjoyed it on our incredible balcony of course!

One of our favorite dinners was when we ate at Hotel Poseidon.   I ordered the lemon Risotto as I literally couldn’t get enough of it.  It was both romantic and hilarious because we were sitting beside a couple that were from New York who were discussing how they had to get pregnant it Italy and not somewhere else on their trip like Spain or London.  I don’t know if she knows, but it doesn’t quite work like that 😉  Poor guy, no pressure dude!  OMG she was so loud!  She also discussed her  coloring and red hair and how their children have to have his coloring and not hers because it gets expensive and challenging.  And they should really by him a pair of linen pants to go with his linen shirt but he gains weight in his stomach and maybe they shouldn’t.  There’s more but that’s not what this post is about haha!  

View from Francos Bar!

On Brendan’s Day he wanted to hike the Path of the Gods.  We didn’t make it that far, it was so extremely hot but we did hike up 8 million stairs for an hour and a half.  I was pretty satisfied with the views from this on its own 🙂

Don Giovanni’s Ok I have lots to say about this gem.  We were drinking at Francos Bar for the second evening and decided to leave and go get a proper dinner.  This photo was taken before Brendan started acting fool.  We think it was jet lag mixed with alcohol but he literally couldn’t keep his eyes open.  We both ordered lemon risotto which takes a very long time to make and he was falling apart.  I kept telling him to go back to the apartment.  We were getting stares from both couples of each side of us so I guess it was our turn to be the topic of conversation 🙂  Brendan took off after taking one bite of his dinner.  He asked if I had my card and I said YES.   Well…..I hate the most heavenly lemon risotto that I ever had.  By far my most FAVORITE dinner I had in Positano.  I drank my wine and as by myself but in my glory. When I asked for the bill I look in my bag and realized my card is in my beach bag from that morning.  LITERALLY WAS DYING INSIDE. I got three shades of hot and whatsapped Brendan right away.  I am so lucky he answered because he was going to sleep. I told him he had to come back down to get me. hahaha So he shows up in his sweat pants so I could pay.  So damn embarrassing. They were so gracious and let Brendan box his risotto to eat later.


There was also a couple eating who demanded to move by the water even though they had already been sat and then move closer to the water only to stare at their phones all night.  eeek!

We rented chairs on the first row down at the beach at it was my favorite morning.  So relaxing.



I booked Damara House on Homeaway.com and the owner arranged for a private driver to pick us up from the Naples Airport.  He was there waiting for us when we landed in a nice mid sized van.  We had a nice chat about the area and he even stopped on the side of the road/cliff at the top of Positano for us to buy lemoncello from a local.  He literally carried both of our 50 pound bags down a huge flight of stairs to the door of our apartment.  We were shocked!  The hospitality was remarkable.

We were very lucky on this day as well that the room was finished cleaning early so we could check in right away.  ON our first day we had a huge lunch at a restaurant at Hotel L’Ancora that had a stunning view.  I ate pasta Pomodoro, Caprese Salad, and alll the coffee.  This is where we walked by Francos bar and discovered that we might want to check it out for drinks, which we did.  Anddddd we drank our dinner that evening haha! We also picked up some snacks and drinks for our room since we were waking up at 4AM still.

Day 2

Walked in and out of all of the shops, art galleries, Lemon Sorbet in huge frozen lemons, beach chairs and swimming, Pizza at Chez Black, Round 2 of Lots of cocktails at Francos Bar and then the BEST Lemon Risotto at Don Giovanni’s

Day 3

Hours of hiking with insanely gorgeous views, wine on our patio, more walking around down by the beach where we booked a tour around Capri to see the grottos and where they could leave us in Capri.  We booked a really BAD one and it was a waste of a 100 euro because the grottos were so full that he wouldn’t stay and wait for us to see any of them.  We met some awesome people but we should have just taken the ferry.  The point was for us to get to jump in the ocean and have some fun but we just picked a bad one unfortunately.  More on that on my Capri post though! Went back home and got dressed for dinner.  We made reservations at Hotel Poseidon.  We wanted to see the views from the other side and were so glad we did!  It was a beautiful walk and also realized that there are way more interesting store back around that way then the ones that are down by the beach.  We had such a great dinner!  The perfect night to end our time in Positano.

Day 4

Day of checkout I woke up feeling weird and got super nervous of getting sea sick!  I honestly think I was reacting to the red wine which is SOOOO devastating!  The owner of our apartment was so king and made me a huge lemon water.  It did the trick! We had to bring our suitcases down the mountain for our ferry and I thought it was going to be awful but it if you have wheels then its a breeze and not a big deal at all.  There are guys you can hire for the luggage but I heard that they take a while so we didn’t want to bother with it.


A frew tid bits:

Making a reservation is very helpful and encouraged

Tipping got VERY confusing for us as all of the bills would say service was not included. We may have over-tipped  a lot just because we had no idea what to do.  If any of you have been here and can shed your knowledge I am all ears! haha

There were not many children, mostly honeymooners and gorgeous young travellers.

In Positano a Homeaway is literally so perfect!


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