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Brendan and I just got back from the big island and I really wanted to write about our travels and share.  We were there for about 11 blissful days.  Before going my sister in law sent us a list of things that she knew were really fun and sent us a link to Ocean Sports.  We decided that one early morning we would go Whale Watching!  We had never been before but I adore going out into the ocean so it was serving as double duty really.  When we registered online I noticed that kids under 6 years of age were FREE! I couldn’t believe it.  When we knew that they were free I honestly couldn’t pass up the opportunity for them to see Whales so we brought them along!  It was so Family Friendly.  One of their buses picked us up from the Maune Kea hotel lobby which was super close to the houses near by that you can rent.  She arrived exactly on time to the seconds which was impressive and right from the beginning so happy and cheerful.  We really loved the whole team and appreciated how many people it took to operate the boats.  When we got on board we were offered life jackets for the kids and drinks, coffee, snacks.


We did in fact see lots of whales! But the most incredible part…..a school of dolphins!  They swam right beside our boat and Brielle had her head pressed up against the netting of the boat where she was 5 inches from them!  It was SO incredible and beautiful!  We also met a really nice family that had been on the tour dozens of times and keep coming back.  We enjoyed it so much, we did appreciate the morning time as the waters did in fact feel calmer.  I didn’t take lots of photos, I was more concerned with keeping my children safe, you have to have your camera READY because its so unpredictable.  Basically it would have sucked the fun out for me quickly….. but here are a few that we did manage to get!




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