Nightly Skincare Routine

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15**One a regular Nightly Basis My skincare Routine is as Follows:

  1. EyeMakeup removerDior
  2. Face Makeup removerDior Cleansing Water
  3. Face Cleanser: Dior Cleansing Milk
  4. Face Serum: Capture Total
  5. Face Moisturizer: Lancome Day Cream/Lancome Night Cream
  6. Eye Cream: Dior Capture Total

**On Friday’s and the occasional Wednesday:

  1. EyeMakeup removerDior
  2. Face Makeup removerDior Cleansing Water
  3. Face Cleanser: Dior Cleansing Milk
  4. Exfoliater: Dior Capture Total Peeling
  5. Toner: Lancome for Dry Skin
  6. Face Mask: Dior One Essential/Lancome Hydrating
  7. Serum Booster: One Essential
  8. Serum: Anti-Aging Captre Totale
  9. Face Moisturizer: Lancome Day Cream/Lancome Night Cream
  10. Eye Cream: Dior Capture Total

Eye Makeup Remover: The very first Product I start off with is Dior Instant Eye Makeup Remover.  This is a FANNNNtastic product!! It does not leave an oily residue on your skin and is great for all skin types. It is even great for waterproof mascara.  At the makeup counters the girls use it to take scratches off the acrylic counter tops. Crazy I know!!  I like to apply this with Shieseido Cotton Squares.  When Removing my eye makeup I do not tug, yank, and pull on my eyes. I let the squares rest on my eyes and absorb what they can and then I wipe it away. I alternate between using the Dior and Lancome eye makeup removers as these two have been my favorite for years. But for some reason the Dior one lasts me a longer than the Lancome.

Face Cleansing Water: The Dior Cleansing Water is by no means a product that you absolutely have to have in your regime, but for me, because it also works as a toner I enjoy using it.  I like that it removes my makeup even on those days when I had a heavy hand with the blusher.

Cleanser: Working as an esthetician I have been introduced to loads of skincare products. From Guinot, Decleor, to  La Belevance.  I have truly grown to love a milky cleansing formulation Especially from the three brands I have mentioned.  But as of late I have been accustomed to using the Dior Purifying Cleansing MIlk.  I have used it for the past three years now. I think this is probably due to it being more easily accessible. La Belevance products are hard to come by here in Calgary.  Either way the Dior Cleanser is soft and smooth, doesn’t strip my skin leaving it too taught, and most importantly does not break me out!

Exfoliator: So as I was researching links to provide you to this product I have come to realize I could find none!!  My holy Grail exfoliator is being discontinued!! 🙁 I am so bummed. I have one extra back up to hold me over, but I guess I will be on the hunt for a new one coming up here very shortly!!

Toner: I Like to use the Lancome Toner for dry skin at present.  Because it is a humectant it binds moisture to the skin which is the bonus of using the product. It also restores my skin PH balance after the deep Exfoliation I did.

 Face Mask: The two masks that I use are both gel like textures. The Dior one essential mask focuses on detoxifying the skin and the Lancome one I adore is the hydra intense for moisture.  I love that both of these products are great for travel. I love to put a layer on my skin any time I am on a long flight.

Serum:  This is an anti-aging serum that I use to soften the appearance of fine lines. It makes my skin feel so soft.  Because my skin is not mature yet I only concentrate it on my problem areas.

Face Moisturizer:  I use the Lancome Day and Night Cream in the High Resolution Range. The day cream provides an SPF 15 and has a light weight yet nourishing consistency. The night cream is one of my favorites as it is thick in consistency and lasts all night with out being greasy or irritating.





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