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Photos taken by Sarah Cheshire 

People often say that Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark holiday” I really just have a hard time with getting behind that.  I LOVE Valentine’s Day. I love celebrating love and marriage.  I could be wrong but I remember reading about it and recall that it also had to do with Saint Valentine who stood up for Christians and fought for their rights to marriage.  Does that seem right? I don’t know I may google it in a bit it was years ago that I read that article.  Either way I still love it! Who doesn’t love hearts and pink, pink, pink!

Plus I just adore how utterly excited Brighton was for his Pre School’s Valentine’s Day class party. We brought Paw Patrol cups for everyone and he just couldn’t contain himself. He just loves to give gifts and gets so much joy from it. I loved watching him smile.

Side Note: When Brielle gets her pictures taken she automatically folds her hands together. Just so so precious!

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