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I have a slight obsession with Dior Palette’s!  They are just too darn convenient and versatile to pass up!  Let the swatching begin!

 **Please note that by clicking on any of these images it will enlarge it greatly for your viewing pleasure!!**

The photo below is of a limited edition palette called Golden Jungle 002 that comes with three eyeshadows and a lip gloss.  The darkest brown shadow is the only matte color. The packaging on this is heavy in weight and comes with a gorgeous mirror!  The lip glosses that come with these are usually awful and weird in texture.  But if you actually dig down into a bit instead of just swipping from the top you will get a lot of color pay off!!  The darkest shade in this palette is a bit chalky and could have been a lot smoother in texture. I find that when trying to achieve this kinda display in packaging that you end up compromising quality.  These are not really soft eyeshadows and actually take a lot to work them in and blend them. I was disappointed in this palette, however, being the devote fan that I am I bought it… it is still stunning to look at!!

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This is a single shadow that they no longer carry in the color Golden Spotlight 616.  As you can tell in the picture it is a bit flaky, but the color is awesome!!  I love love to apply this shadow wet.  It gives such a cool effect! Remember the wet makeup trend that was SO popular a few years back?? Well this was perfect for that.  I also think it’s great on it own or placed on top of another shadow to give it that glowy sparkle.  It truly does create a spotlight effect!! I also think that buying the single shadows are just so darn cute because there so little and have a cute tiny little mirror. Miniature size anything is adorable to me!Untitled 4

This is my newest palette in the color Rose Charmeuse 854 $62.  Don’t you just love the hounds tooth embossing!?!  The matte pink in this is so killer (reminds me of post haste by mac)!! The matte black shadow in this is one of the better ones as some of the Dior blacks are just awful.  The two top pink colors are both shimmery colors that are very smooth and creamy.  The peachy sparkly color in the middle literally won’t even pick up on camera.  There is no pigmentation to it at all. If you apply a base to it, you can get a bit of color pay off.  What made this palette so interesting to me is that it feature TWO matte shades!!  If you are familiar with the range of palettes from Dior, then you know they are all about the shimmer.  I wanted to give them a go and see how they held up!  I think they are quite nice!  The swatched below are without using any help. Add a primer underneath them and holy WOW!Untitled 5

This trio is one of my favorite combo’s and perfect for fall.  The packaging on this is so genius and as always it comes with a great mirror.  This is the Smoky Khaki 481 $50 and the colors are so unique! All three of these are shimmery colors but without oversize obnoxious sparkles. Ok, well maybe the darkest shade has larger bits of glitter, but I think it’s a wearable sort of way.  Definitely on trend with the military style jackets and boots that we all love so much!  The only hiccup I have with this palette is that I have to use a different palette for a highlight color. The olive green picture on the far right of my arm is so AMAZING!!

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This is my very first palette I ever purchased from Dior!!  This is Stylish Move 970 $61 and has such a gorgeous amethyst shade along with some awesome and very unique taupe colors. All of these shades have a simmer finish to them that are finely milled and extremely elegant. What is interesting about these shades is the top right shade that looks pinkish actually comes out more white and the middle color that looks white comes out more pinkish!!!  All of these colors are so smooth and rich and perfect for blending!  I do not regret buying this one at all!!

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This is the second Dior palette I purchased just in time for New Years!!  This is the Smoky Design 008.  $61 This palette features four shadows and liner.  Don’t let that deter you from using the liner as a shadow as well!  I do it all the time!! There is a deep rich grey and a soft and creamy silver, and also features a sparkly shadow that you can do all sorts of fun stuff with! This palette is SO incredible and versatile and must have for the smoky look fans out there!  The formulation in these shadows are extra soft and smooth for an easy application. I mostly pull this one out for girls night out!!Untitled 7

This is my Dior Garden Clutch and one of my prized pieces!  They really hit the mark on this packaging. The detail in this is so wonderful. Look at those rose clasps and the rose embossing on the shadows! It is stunning! I sorta wished I had bought both color ranges. I love all three colors in this set!  It also comes with their lip maximizer for plumping and a lip gloss to put over it featuring the silver cover to protect it from any eyeshadow fall out.

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This is my go to look for everyday wear.  Named Nude Pink Design 508. $61  The color on the bottom left also doesn’t pick up on camera, but I can get a good highlight or inner corner brightening effect with it.  It just takes me a couple of applications to get the look I want. I did a Video of three different looks using this one. 9

This Palette is number 004Untitled 9


Palette Number 790Untitled 10

Palette Number 609 Earth Reflection.  If I could only buy one….this would be the one.  All four shades are shimmery, but they are finely milled and very wearable.  The neutrals are so soft and creamy, super easy to apply and blend. Colors are so complementary year round to my skin tone and I can wear these shades anywhere!!Untitled 11 This is Cocktail look in 055. I do believe Dior has discontinued the duo sets but there is a similar trio set of these colors still available.Untitled 12

This is the Smoky Black Trio 091. Untitled 13


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  • Ingrid kubilus

    please oh please tell me where I can find your now discontinued powdered eyeshadow shade of Golden Spotlight? It was the most prized of all my beauty secrets and it disapeared from my cosmetic bag during a business trip last year. I actually recieved compliments from men on the unusual glow it gave my hazel eyes! Isn’t there anywhere I can try? It came as a single color in a beautiful dark blue container with mirror and was $30 for a small container. There must be at least one more hidden somewhere. I used it very sparingly because it required so little for the desired effect. Please tell me that I can special order it somewhere again !
    Most Sincerely,
    Ingrid Kubilus
    [email protected]

    • Pretentiouspink

      Ingrid I am so sorry! Unfortunately this was discontinued about 4 years ago. Even if you got your hands on one I would be nervous that it would be old. I still have mine but I love her and don’t want to give her up.

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