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DSC_0001This Months Box was geared towards Brighton’s 5 Month and the theme was “Medicine Cabinet”.Overall I have mix feelings about the box items in general.  As I do appreciate a few of these items, I just feel like the creativity was lacking and that there was very little to work with.  I will explain myself with the full run down of the items below:

1.) First Item was a Munchkin Teething Ring 7.99$.  This product is marketed really well, texture of it feels great, and it is easy to grip.  The confusing part is that the MommiesFirst booklet says you can clean it in the dishwasher whilst the Munchkin packaging stated not to do this.  You can never go wrong with experimenting with different teething rings as every child’s needs are different.  I am a fan of the Munchkin line and products in general. So this product is a win for me as I am sure my guy will use it lots when he starts to cut his back teeth.


*On a side note: If you are looking for a GREAT “starter” Teether I would go for this MAM                 one as its super gummy and has bristle’s on both sides similar to that of a mouth guard.                   He loves this thing!!DSC_0012

2.) Munchkin Medicine Dispenser: I really think this is a gimmicky product.  It’s just one of those things I would never really see the point in purchasing as there are so many easier ways to administer medicine….in my opinion at least!  At this stage my little guy at most will take a 1ml of Infant tylenol which is hardly anything.  It is so quick and easy to use a syringe and pop it in his mouth and be assured the whole amount went in.  If your child is a bit older and fussy when it comes to medicine I would use a syringe and use it through the back of a normal pacifier.  I just really don’t see a child sucking down medicine from a pacifier.  I am hoping by the time that Brighton would need to use this product that he will be weaned off of a pacifier all together.  Nothing beats using a syringe in my opinion.

DSC_0007 DSC_0010 DSC_0014


3.) Boogie Wipes!!  I was pleased to receive this in my box as I am eager for the day to arrive for me to test them out.  I have no preliminary thoughts so far on softness or feeling of the wipes as I don’t want to break the seal until time to use them.  I can say though if you are lover of these already then you can gain access to coupons for this product my visiting their website and joining the “boogie bunch” they will send a $1.00 and .50 coupon!



4.) AHAVA Time to Clear Purifying Mud Mask Sample Size.  Although not sold in Canada you can find this product online and even featured on sale on Hautelook when available.  When you apply this to the skin it is a grey mud like texture that is very soft and gentle on the skin.  It doesn’t dry into a crispy texture on the skin. Per website directions you only have to leave this mask on for two minutes before washing off and the two key ingredients are osmoter and deadsea mud, although I would have to say it would be Kaolin.  It doesn’t strip the skin of its naturals oils or leave it taught.  In fact the skin feels refreshed and moisturized after use.  In my opinion this is great choice for a purifying mask. DSC_0006


5.)Thera Wise Vaporizing Rub. This is a full size certified organic product that is used for relieving congestion. Key ingredients are eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil making this very soothing and relaxing.  Surprisingly Thera Wise is very easily accessible and can be found and just about any pharmacy or you can order online. They are a Vancouver based Canadian health science company.DSC_0003


7.) Parents Canada Magazine.  As much as I love magazines I just didn’t expect to get another one in my box this month, as I received two last month.  I feel like there are several other creative ideas or opportunities to go with the theme of “medicine cabinet” versus using the magazine.  I would have really liked to see something like:

        *Baby Thermometer- There are so so many on the market it’s hard to know whats a good one!

        *Infant Tylenol Coupon- Or any infant medicine coupon for that matter, as I have slowly but            surely started to grow my cabinet it would be a great idea to include a coupon of some sort             for us new moms!

        *Baby Orajel- Self explanatory 🙂

        *Gas Drops- or coupons for gas drops

         * Travel size Hand Sanitizer to keep the germs away

        *and Finally….a Downloadable organizer or sheet to keep all of my emergency numbers organized and in one spot.  I can’t for the life of me find a downloadable organizer that I can print that can keep all my new numbers in one place. Children’s hospital, family doctor, paediatrician, After hours Alberta Health Care Hotline, Blood types, Food allergies….all things that are really important to have handy and easily accessible.  Since I can’t find one I am going to try to designate some time on my own to create one (Ill link if I ever do get around to it) But what a great opportunity there to add company logos and what not for a business if they did do something like that.  Something simple and not too fussy to reprint off as numbers update.



Long story short I just feel like they missed the mark on this one for being able to do something exceptional.  But again,  there are a few products in here that are very interesting and extremely useful so I am very pleased about those!!  My BIGGEST TIP for someone interested in the monthly subscription would be to order a month ahead of time.  What I mean by this is instead of entering your child’s accurate birthdate go ahead one month.  This way you are receiving the products earlier and can serve your needs better.

Love you Girls!!F9ABC3CA47253157CA0617C388BB0959

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