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So I was looking around on and found an amazing dress! It was literally love at first sight! As I continue looking at it I notice at the bottom of it, it says in bold letters SOLD OUT. I was so disappointed! I mean I had to have this dress! The fact that it was sold out didn’t help matters, something about an item being sold out just makes me want it that much more! So I went onto the company’s website and that wasn’t really much help. I basically gave up on it.

For about a week I kept the company in mind because I was going to email two dresses to my sister for her bachelorette/wedding festivities. I thought they were a perfect fit for her! So a week later I finally remembered to send them to her and low and behold the dress was back up for sale!!!
AHHH I had to have it! So here it is!!

So now the only question is what SHOES to get!! I am really considering these Jessica Simpson slingbacks from They are at the moment 50% off. But I wanted to keep looking for the perfect pair!

I did buy these Jessica Simpson’s shoes and they were fabulous with the dress! So you can imagine my dismay when I realized it was a lawn ceremony!! These babies wouldn’t last a minute. So I went with a pair of Wedges. I got many compliments of my dress and thought that it was so well suited for a¬†vineyard¬†wedding!

P.S. Thomas Foggarty vineyard is unbelievably gorgeous!!


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