Edo Your Heart Out

Did you know how versatile the Edo Japan Menu is?   Last week our family had the opportunity to go three times and boy did we Edo our hearts out! Day 1 We went for a healthier lunch option before we all went to the fair !  We decided to check out the new Grasslands location! […] Read More

Wascana Lake Marina Rentals

  Grey TShirt is ZSupply // Headphones c/o Sudio        //   Growing up near a beach my whole life has given me a real love for being near the water.  It gives me so much peace and clarity!  I was so impressed with how easy it is to rent kayaks down at […] Read More

Good Earth Coffee House Golden Mile

I am always so enthused when Regina, SK expand their options and open new businesses!  The Good Earth Golden Mile location is officially open! Our family has already visited twice and really enjoy their breakfast options! They will be having their Grand Opening Saturday May 5th from 2pm – 5 pm, live music, food and wine […] Read More

Thai Express Grand Opening in Grasslands

Did your hear? YQR is getting a new Thai Express!   Their grand opening will be this Saturday March 24th. They will be having a ribbon ceremony and we plan on being there at 11AM!! It is the same weekend as the New Structube Grand Opening so it’s the place to be this weekend!!! Whats your […] Read More


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