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So it’s been an on going debate as to whether or not I should have Lasik surgery or not. I discovered last summer that I am indeed a candidate (thanks to their sneaky advertisement campaign). I’ve been wanting to do it ever since.

I think after a year has past and finances are all in order I have finally mustered up the courage to actually do it!! I am hoping to make an appointment this month. From the literature that I have read up on I am under the impression I should be good in a week or so. I have fairly bad vision and you are basically charged per eye on how poor your vision is. Or in nicer terms how much tissue they have to remove from your eye. I am in no way capable of writing about the technical logistics of the procedure so I will leave you with this LINK to do your own research.

What I can tell you, is that for years I have never been able to see out of the corners of my eye. With glasses things in the distance are blurry and fuzzy. Features on faces and details of particular things cannot be seen by my eyes if you are 5 feet away. Driving at night is a nuisance due to starry lights that get mixed in with other starry lights. Snowboarding or windy days irritate my contacts immensely. So, personally, I cannot wait for the day to come when I don’t have to take those few extra minutes out of my day to  pop in the contacts in the morning or remove them at night. Or for the day to come when I no longer have to pester my loving husband to find my glasses for me because I literally cannot see where I laid them down last. I cannot wait for the day to come when I can see!!

So for the ultimate update I have completed my surgery and have recovered from surgery quite nicely (writing this 4 days after I has Lasik and PRK) . Here are my thoughts. I called Lasik MD to book my appointment and was told that she could do November the 18th but couldn’t quite give me the time just yet as they were late on getting the doctor’s schedule. She told me that she was going to call me back within a couple of days. Now this isn’t a big deal unless you are the type that needs to mentally prepare for things. I just so happen to be that type. So I get a phone call a day or two later to confirm my appointment for the 18th. Shock. Booking what!? “Oh yes right you are booked in at 8:30″… … umm sweet!

I should probably have mentioned earlier on that this office doesn’t do confirmation calls when you book online for your consultation. I think that that is one area that is really lacking in this particular office because I am 100% sure that the Vancouver office does in fact call you the day before your appointments to confirm with you. (Don’t judge, I had two consultations before fully comiitting at two seperate locations)

So moving on to Nov. 18th I arrive at 8:30 and pay upfront at around 9:00 the doctor had not yet flown in so we were kinda hanging out. I heard when he came in that he was doing 22 procedures that day. My nerves are kicking in and I am getting really anxious come 10:30. I finally got drops in my eyes at 11:00. (I was not impressed that I needed to come in at 8:30 but what can you do?) So I go in and speak with my doctor. They give me a really ugly cap to put around my hair and were off. First up is my right eye. What a pain! It hurt so bad. Apparently my eyes were a bit small for their metal untensil for the suction part. We got through the right eye ok but when we got to my left eye it would fit on at all!! WHAT! I only have one eye done!?! So they send me back out into the waiting room. I get moved into the consultations guys room where I get the low down on PRK ‘photorefractive keratectomy’ I will give you a comparison website if you are really interested here.

I did not sign up for PRK that’s for dang sure!!! I was told that it is rare to have had both procedures done on one person. I kinda want to laugh at this because I am one  walking contraindication. If a bottle of tylenol stated that it “may cause memory loss”, but was like a 1 in a million chance, it would happen to me. So the administration of PRK on my left eye was significantly less painful to me probably because my eyes were too small for the instruments in the first place.

It wasn’t until about 30 minutes later when the anesthetic wore off and I could feel my eye when the pain kicked in. It feels like someone scratched your eye and it hurts to close your eyes or to have them open. I had two different sets of drops that I needed to put in both eyes every couple of hours. I was also given pain medicine to get me through the nights. 🙂 I did recieve a phone that night to check in on me from the Lasik office which was a nice gesture. I hope I wasn’t too pissy with them. I blame in on the meds if I was! The next morning my right eye was awesome! So excited to see out of it. But my left eye was super swollen and hurt a lot!! For those of you that get PRK done on both eyes at the same time…………………..YOU are AMAZING!!

Above comments are not meant to be negative towards LASIK MD as they were very agreeable, just my own observations and two cents for what they are worth. I mean really though…………..who gets both procedures done?? hahah so random I know!

Bottom Line: Would I do it all over again? I really don’t know.


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