La Montana! Kronplatz Italy

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A lot can happen in just two weeks. I will start with, I got a job with a company called Grain teaching English to adult students in the evenings. I go tomorrow to pick out what books I will use and order in the class for the students. Verrry excited!
I really wanted to go up this hike to check out some pyramid looking landmark (thats what the symbol on the sign looks like) So Brendan being the sweetheart that he is said he would go with me even though he had to rush home to go to practice. Poor guy hikes up a huge mountain and then goes and skates it up on the ice!

This past Saturday the guys won their 5th exhibition game and Brendan scored the first goal of the game and got two assits. He unfortunately tripped and hurt is back on the ice and didn’t finish out the game. He is ok now though, just a bit sore. On a side note, he didn’t get to keep his same number this year. He is now number 27. I had a great time with all the girls sitting in our little chairs watching in our very warm upstairs room. (the ring has no walls so it is super freezing out!)

On Sunday we had our first date really since we have been in Italy. We took a ride up the Gondola for 12 euros each and stayed on top of the mountains for hours. We have some great pictures, but nothing can describe the magnitude of beauty that we witnessed. We followed that trip with a combo platter at the sports bar of cheese sticks, frittes, sweet and sour chicken, chicken nuggets, and chicken peppers with peppermint tea. I enjoyed all of it thouroughly even though I was throwing darts in between each bite of scrumpciousness.

Today I also went on a different trail while Brendan was at practice. It was basically all on an incline, not one of my favs. Since I have been to Italy, I have had all the pasta, gelato,Pizza, French Fries, potatoes, and bread a girl can ask for and some how have managed to loose weight! I am not kidding when I say that these trails are hardcore and the mountains give you a kick in the caboose!

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