Italy Tour Day 6 and 7

 In Diary

The 6th day we spent in Palermo Sicily. Not one of my favorites. It had some pretty spots but overall the weather that day was miserably cold and rainy! We used this day to catch up on our sleep and have a really nice dinner. We also did some shopping at Zara again! The next day we took a night train (21 hours) to Venice! Realllly long ride! But super fun! When we got to Venice we only had about 5 hours to walk around and we used the time to enjoy a drink by the water close to the square. That night the 7th day we took our last few trains back home to Brunico!

Having Prosecco in Venice by the water

This is the rig system we were advised my the staff of the over night train to prevent people entering our cabin trying to steal!
Palermo Sicily



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