Italy Tour Day 4

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March 3 was a relaxing day, which was needed after such a busy schedule the previous day. The one thing that I wanted to see was the Pitti Palace, because it was written in a book that it was the grandest Palace in it’s day before Versailles. We slept in a bit and then left our luggage with the hotel’s front desk after checking out. We started out walking until we got lost and then ended up just taking a Taxi to the Palace. Once we got there I realized really fast that it was not even close to as amazing as the Versailles. But it still had a ridiculously large garden. We opted not to roam the greenery because it was scattered showers and we wanted to be inside. I also wanted to see some of the art work done by raphael. They have his original “Concert” there. Kinda cool. You are absolutely forbidden to take pictures in this place and if you do the watchers will literally bite your head off! I still snuck a few that wouldn’t ruin any amazing paint color and such. Just a few sculptures. After the Palace we had a a melted chocolate bar (hot chocolate) at Pitti Cafe, and then walked back in the direction of the train station. On the walk back we ended up finding the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, which sounds a lot cooler than it is. It’s only standing today because Hitler saved it by a rushed letter to not destroy it. Every shop on the bridge sells anything and everything gold and diamonds! I was happy to make a purchase there! 🙂 We had Mcdonalds for lunch, I mailed Brendan a postcard of a picture from the palace, and then we waited for our train to Pompeii. When we got to Pompeii it was dark, but not late. We checked into the closest hotel to the station, dropped off our bags, and went looking for a place for dinner.
This was a BAD idea. It was really scary at night. We had a ridiculous amount of guys honking at us and slowing their cars down and one car full of guys actually pulled over and stopped their car, got out and walked towrds us. We then ran across the street in the opposite direction so they couldn’t turn their car around. We found a place to take our food to go so we wouldn’t linger anywhere and be out later than we had to. We ordered 4 euro pizzas. Yes whole pizzas! SOOO cheap in Pompeii. We also went to a bar and asked to buy a bottle of wine and open it for us. It was local and amazing. We then realized it was the first wine we had that had a 14.5% alcohol content level! So we slept nice! We also pampered ourselves with masks that we bought at Lush in Florence! Yes I feel like I have to go to every Lush in Italy! It was a much needed treat!

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