Italy Tour Day 3

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Our Lunch at the Farm House
Super Cool!
San Gimignano
True colors of an untouched room that has been closed up for centuries.

Oldest Bank in the world, Siena
March 2nd Jackie and I planned a full day tour with the We did this because almost all museums worth seeing are closed on Mondays. This was basically a 10 hour ordeal that cost 75 euros. We started out at the train station and took a bus at 8:30 am to a town called Siena. Siena is simple the cutest thing ever and it is where the oldest bank in the world is located along with the campo that was in a scene in the new James Bond Movie (the famous Palio race horses) I think I spelled that right? Anyhow we went from there to San Gimignano where we ate on a farm house that cooked all their own food fresh on the farm including the olive oil. I bought some stuff for B because it was just too cheap to pass up! We got to sample all of the wines the make and then we were off to see the town. It was a really short trip into the town, we went into a torture museum that was unbearable and looked at the famous pottery. After San Gimignano we drove to Pisa. Everyone thinks that the Pisa tower isn’t all that amazing but I actually really enjoyed it there. It was fascinating to me. You can climb the leaning tower for 15 euros and go into the Cathedral and the Baptistery and the Cemetery. After that the day was over and I was beat! We went to bed early that night! haha


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