Italy Tour Day 2

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March 1st we caught the morning train from Bologna to Florence after breakfast. We didn’t sleep amazing because the room was bloody hot and we didn’t know the the windows opened when you pushed the button until around 4 in the morning. We stopped at a train station in Firenzia, but it wasn’t the main station or the center of the town so we waited for a train for 30 minutes to go to the Florence Santa Maria Novella stop only to find out that the train ride was a mere 4 minutes! We probably would have gotten lost trying to walk it without a map, but still really funny. We checked into the closest hotel to the train we could find to drop of our bags and explore. The first night we were there we spent looking in all the stores. I of course had to go into Sephora and I also found a Lush where I bought bathtub goodies! Lush is also the store that I used to purchase a lot of my wedding gifts and I used some of their products for the welcome baskets we put in our guests hotels when they arrived so the could enjoy a nice bath! Zara is my favorite store so we went into every Zara we found. We went into the Santa Maria Novella church and saw the Holy Trinity painting as well as the “Duomo”or cathedral. We climbed the 420ish stairs to get the panoramic view that was simply amazing! And we walked and walked and were minutes away from the Ponte Vecchio, but it got dark fast so we turned around and headed back to make plans and reservations for the next day. All in all we got a lot accomplished for one day’s work. We did happen to stop into a wine store and buy a Chianti and glasses to enjoy in the hotel room also. I also bought Brendan a bottle for our one year anniversary this year, but told him about it already because I was too excited about it!

The Holy Trinity

Climbing the stairs

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