Italy Tour Day 1

 In Diary

Jackie flew in on Friday March 27th and the very next day we headed on a train to Florence. Jackie bought two train passes that way we could just hop on whatever train we wanted and not have to buy tickets everywhere. I paid 200 euros for a 6 day pass and probably saved my self around 200 euros in the process. So I definitely recommend it. We left Brunico at 1:30 to Fortezza. We missed the train from there to Verona but waited for the next one. When we were finally in Verona we got on a train that was at the bin we were supposed to leave from only this train was going to Milan! Once we found that out, Jackie and I jumped off a moving train. When I say moving of course I don’t mean full speed, but I do mean it was actually moving. We both made the jump and then just laughed and laughed a how ridiculous we were for doing that!

We caught a different train that stopped in Bologna where we were supposed to be able to get a quick and straight shot train into Florence. We talked to the information counter and realized that the train times would put us into Florence that night around 1130. We both were up for being as safe as possible so we decided to find a hotel in Bologna for the night and grab some dinner while it wasn’t that late in the evening. It was a great choice because the hotel we stayed in was probably one of my favorites and came with an excellent breakfast!! The floors all had glitter in them and bathroom was probably the coolest because it had the towels laying on the heater that way they were nice and toasty for you. We had vegetable pizza with wine for dinner and went to bed early to catch the earliest train we could get on to Florence.



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