I be bangin’ it!

 In Diary

SOO I cut my own hair the other day out of pure boredom. I have bangs for the second time this year. I mostly did it because I really need to go to the hair dresser and have my roots fixed. But no one speaks english and I am scared to get my hair messed up.

Also I know that below I have posted a bunch of pictures of myself…So Vain right? Well I watch a lot of tutorials on how to put on makeup…and I think that it is soo much fun and I have learned so many new tips, that I thought I would share.

I also hung out with Rachel last night. We were supposed to plan our trip to Milan or somewhere and ended up just talkinnnnnnnng forever. I haven’t met someone who is an actual genuine perosn in a long time. Someone that makes me want to be better and strive to be better to others. I am so thankful for what God is doing in my life and for giving me the opporunity to meet someone like Rachel, who has helped me more than she knows.

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