How To Professionally Whiten Your Teeth From Home!

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How to Professionally Whiten Your Teeth From Home

Your Smile is your greatest acessory to any look. I love to laugh. It is so good for the soul and honestly on days that seem hard or challenging it lifts my mood.  Feeling self-confident in your smile is so important not just for aesthetic purposes but also for your overall health.  I like to know that I can smile and not feel self conscious about signs of yellowing and not willing to give up my guilty pleasures like coffee, tea, wine, did I mention coffee? Over the years I have tried various different teeth whitening systems or products:

  • Baking Soda
  • The LED light (I had a horrible reaction to this and it turned the inside of my mouth white and burned my lip. It actually swelled up)
  • White Strips that slip all over the place
  • Huge one size fits all (or none in my case) hard mouth guards
  • Those Teeth Whitening chairs in the malls/dentist chair (for me this worked but they seemed whiter at first                 and once they weren’t dehydrated anymore it faded very fast)

I tried all of the above until I was finally ready to go to my dentist about 9 years ago now and get outfitted for custom teeth trays. At the time the investment for this was huge. I believe I paid close $600 (This is American money in S.C. now these trays are closer to the 700-800 U.S.) for it in my early 20s, so for me this was a HUGE investment. But that was how important it was for me! The dentist trays were amazing! I bought tubes of teeth whitening that had low, medium, or high strength and I would go back and buy more when I needed. But because these trays were so effective I didn’t have to do this often. My goal wasn’t to have chicklet teeth, but to have natural looking teeth that were brightened without tarnishing my enamel. The great thing about these trays is that I STILL have them!!

When Smile Brilliant reached out to me for a collaboration I was more than a little interested. The idea that we now have the technology and services to do obtain a tray system from home for a fraction of the cost is a really big deal! It also saves you several hours at the dentists office! You can get quality trays for significantly less! This makes it accessible for everyone to have a great experience for a product that really does work.

At first I was super nervous about the process because even though it was years back I remember how uncomfortable I was in the dentist chair. I have a smaller mouth and the forms didn’t fit well, I had to leave the mould on for way longer of a time frame and I just remember all of the spit gathering in the back of my throat making it awkward. I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy the process was! The extremely detailed instructions ensures that you know exactly what you are doing and tells you just how long to spend on each step. The blue trays you put the mould in and bite down on did not pinch or hurt my mouth at all. This was a concern of mine because I do have a small mouth. Overall it was fun and kind of made me feel like a chemist!


Once they were made, I put them in the bag and popped them in the mail. It took just under two weeks (in bad winter weather) for me to get my trays back to Canada (From US). Once I had them back that is when the fun started! First thing I noticed is that they are the exact same durable material as my original ones. My second observation was that they don’t use the very back teeth, so it doesn’t wrap around your teeth completely (I was told this is intentional and helps with sensitivity issues).  The Beauty of these trays is that you can use them whenever fits your schedule.  It’s not something you have to over think or set time aside out of your day to get done.  These you can use the same time you are doing your daily activities.  Watching your favourite show, reading, cleaning, Going for a long drive?

I love using Smile Brilliant, I can control just how little or how often I want to use them. Because they are custom they fit perfectly to your mouth so that even if I want to lie down and take a nap with them in I can!

Overall: I love them! I would for sure recommend them to anyone and everyone! The price is right my friends!   Would love to hear from you if you have given them a try or if you have any concerns/questions!


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