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I think I should write a book. On what you might wonder? On rating hospitals and careproviders from a 1-5 rating system. It only seems logical since I seem to visit every hospital in every country I go to. On this occassion, I happened to have a bladder infection that spread to my kidney.

The first doctor I went to told me it wasn’t serious enough to go to the E.R. and that he would give me some antibiotics. This is also the sleezy doctor that told me to take off all of my clothes just so he could hear my heart beat? I refused to do so, so he settled with me only wearing a bra to check my vitals. I mean seriously!

The next day we saw the second doctor took one look at me and pretty much wrote out two referrals to the hospital. He wanted me to get a sonogram immediately. So we left his office and went to the hospital. We were then passed off from the sonogram doctors to the E.R. This is where I got the happy news that the infection had spread through my body and that I would need to stay a couple of nights in the hospital. I wasn’t really expecting to hear that, however, the overall experience of staying in the hospital was an ok one.

I was in a room with two other people with no privacy or curtains. One roomate was 96 years old and healthier than I was. Meaning she left before I did. The only things that I was have to criticize was that I got pricked in the arm for IV’s wayyy too many times and my arm still hurts because of it. I got a shot in the butt in front of my roomates that made me cry because I was embarrased and I was alone wayyy to much. Oh and they don’t allow flowers in the hospital. Other than that they were pretty nice and super clean.

I did get into trouble when I was there..go figure. There was a language barrier and one nurse in particular wouldn’t talk to me. But she was the officialy cleaning/tea lady. And apparently in the night she brought me tea. A whole kennel of it. I not knowing she did so, didn’t touch any of it. So the next day the nurse came in and asked all the way across the room why didn’t you drink the special tea she made for you? I was like huh what? Where? Then louder she says you will not get better if you don’t drink bladder tea. So the next time she brought it in she waved it in my face. Funny, because she should have done that the first time around. They also have tea time after dinner in this hospital. The simple things in life.


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