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188377_1006562357834_9298_nRegina Fashion BloggerRegina Fashion Blogger This is us in front of the glacier at Lake Louise

We took this on the side of the road driving to banff…Wheat can be really really itchy!
That speckle in the middle is the hotel we stayed at (Fairmont) This is the hike that goes around the lake
This was taken at the Calgary Zoo!
Really Really Really smelly Beast(AKA Brendan)
This is the trail we almost died on and one of the many trees that was uprooted.

So, we finally break away from the wedding frenzy for some time to ourselves. We drove from Regina to Calgary and went to the zoo first thing in the morning, had some burgers at Peters Drive In ( In N Out is better), missed the banff exit drove straight to Lake Louise and ended up staying the night in the last room available at the Fairmont! We went to the steak house to eat and had the most amazing food ever! End of day one. We woke up at 5 in the morning for a canoe trip on the lake with breakfast and then when back to take a nap from being absolutely exhausted. We checked out and drove to Banff to walk around and look for hiking shoes for me since the shoes I brought were 2 sizes two small for my feet. We also saw one black bear and one grizzly bear on the side of the road and 5 elk eating on the side of the road just driving to our hotel! We took the evening to hike up Johnstons Canyon, which is where we almost died, the wind was so strong it uprooted trees in the cement. We also had to wait for like an hour to clear the road of the trees that were blocking our way to the hotel. That night we ate dinner at a restaurant connected to our hotel and met a couple who said that if we ever want to come back to banff that they would rent out there house to us (which is like a million dollar house on silvertip golf course) and also offered me a job in Calgary as a coach for a gymnastics team. We also got our room in Canmore upgraded to the loft suite because they were overbooked….and yes thats the end of day two! Day three we took it easy and walked around canmore looking for a large hiking back pack for weekend trips….we found a Dakine that is amazing and holds 49L! I bought myself a marble bear holding a fish in it’s mouth that is soo adorable! On the way home we stayed in a hole in wall town called Drumheller that I hopefully will never have to go see again. I have a feeling the the movie The Hills Have Eyes very well was flimmed there and if not then the sequal could be. P.S. we stayed in Drumheller because brendan wanted to see the kiddie dinasoar museum 🙂

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