Homemade Christmas Cards!

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There is nothing quite like a homemade Christmas card! I love Michaels craft store. I cannot tell a lie, I practically live there. I think I cleaned out their decor with any sort of sparkly glitter on it.. (you did see my christmas wreath post right?) So in the spirit of hand-made craft, this is how I did mine this year.

Stamp bought at Michaels
center your picture on the card ..I had to change the size of my picture on photoshop
I used glitter glue for placement
I added a different decal on the top corner to each card.
Inside I taped an ornament
photoshoped greeting

Here a few other pictures that I took that day that didn’t make the cut.

The decals I used were supposed to be buttons, but I thought they were too cute! So I used them for decorating my cards. The candy canes are stickers I used for the back of my envelopes.

I first went by the river and took a couple of different scenic shots when the snow first fell. I uploaded it to my laptop and photoshoped a nice little greeting on the front. I had to make the picture smaller than 4×6 so I adjusted the size and had them printed with a white border. I simply cut the border off and then used glitter glue to attach it to the cardstock. I glued on small festive buttons for a something extra. I also included an ornament on the inside of the card. This is something I ordinarily do every year. I realize there are lots of fancier ways to go about making Christmas cards, but this is something that I found to be quick and easy. Most importantly, it was lots of fun!

Happy Crafting!

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