Valentines Day Date

Real Talk… The past Several years, Valentines Day always felt like it came at the worst time. It was right after Christmas, we would be trying to make winter travel plans, I hate going out in the cold. We used to do things like traveling dinners, or get creative with movie marathons.  But their was […] Read More

My Living Room Transformation

This photo is sharing when I added pot lights into our dark dungeon of a living room.  When you are in the middle of winter and it gets dark at 4:00pm  You need to have good lighting!  I love the look!  You can see the two empty holes of where the two lights originally were […] Read More

Breakfast Room Refresh

  This breakfast room area had me puzzled for a while.  I was just not sure of what I wanted and if their is anything my past two homes have taught me, it was that I didn’t want to rush to buy something only to find out that it wasn’t the end game look I […] Read More

Brightons Toddler Room

The photos above are from Brighton’s original room from when we moved into this house. His Walls were a dull/darker blue. Event the closet doors and door shared the same hue.  So a few months back I painted the walls and trim to brighten the room up.  Instead of using Wallpaper I opted for these […] Read More

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