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Hat: {Aritzia} // Top : {Tobi.comc/o// Skirt : {Hudsons Bay} // Tights : {Time for Tightsc/o // Over the knee socks : {Hudsons Bay} // Boots : {Target}


I have not posted a look with a skirt in a year!  I don’t think I realized it until after pulling the skirt for this post.  It’s not that I don’t love skirts and the instant girly style it gives. Its that I live in Saskatchewan and skirts cannot be trusted.  They just blow right up.  So I stopped wearing them as much.

I want to take a minute to diarize some feelings I have been having this week after reading loads of articles giving Instagram a negative rep.  I have been struggling back and forth with myself on why it is I post content on Instagram and weather or not I want to continue with the pace I have now or take it back for myself.  And what’s interesting about thinking about it that way is that it makes me break down on weather or not the posts I create are for myself or things I create for you in hopes you will like it.  And you want to know what I discovered?

At the end of the day I had to remind myself of back in the beginning when I shifted towards posting outfits and style content of what was driving me then.  I didn’t know of anyone popular then, there was no revenue in sharing links. I was actually posting outfits of the day way before instagram on Youtube and for my online store I had.  It brought me joy, time with my husband, funny moments because I can laugh at myself, a creative outlet, and when I became a mom it created an opportunity for me to do something for myself while I was at home because for at the time going to the gym and outings were mentally impossible for me.  Having two kids back to back was actually really hard on me!  Writing blog content quite literally was what was driving me to get dressed and ready and feeling like a human. And I appreciate that. I appreciate you guys.

There isn’t really any outfit or post that I have spent time on and edited that I didn’t really actually wear, felt inspired by, or truly liked.  I have sent items back to companies in the past on my own dime if I knew it was something I didn’t love or wasn’t what I was expecting.  Do I look back and go oouuu what was I thinking wearing that!  SURE!  But that’s fashion and that’s why trends come and go.  People change, and evolve.  I guess what I am trying to remind myself here by dedicating a whole post on this matter is that this is a fun place I created to be colorful, different, commiserate with fellow moms, have a voice, be more active in my community, take more risks.  And those feelings have not changed.  So why do I post on Instagram?   I get to be ME!

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