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Baby Girl Photoshoot calgary fashion blogger Danelle UofC Look 1-1 Manitobah Mukluks  Manitobah Mukluks 1Both of our Shoes: Manitobah MukLuks  // Pink Puffer Vest: Old Navy  // Photos: Olivia McCreary


How adorble are our Manitobah Mukluks! These are the best thing that happened to me fashion wise this winter! They hug your feet and are so so warm! They are meant to be worn without socks but if I know I am going out in the snow I like to wear a pair for safety.  Brielle just loves hers!


On a side note I just wanted to take a moment and reflect and really have a chat with you guys…

As a stay at home mom of two and being newer to the city that we currently reside in life can be a little bit lonely.  I can honestly say I have a small handful of people I hold near and dear that I converse with but sometimes it’s about once a week or so.  This means that I can go full days without talking to anyone other than to check in with the hubs and inquire WHEN? When are you coming home?  Most of the time I do this with simply sending a text in the form of “??” and if it’s been and exceptionally hard day… “??????”  I don’t even have to form a full sentence.

So ultimately I decided to give fashion blogging a try. It’s basically where I dress up with one or two looks, get a little glam on, and ultimately feel a little bit of confidence.  My recent fashion posts portray things that interest me and things that I find to be pretty or fascinating but they by no means portray what my life looks like during the week.  Mondays-Fridays I feel like I am scrambling about my house going from one kid to the next and 5 pm rolls around and I have not even showered.  I lay in bed at night thinking…what can I do to motivate myself or change to be more productive…what can I do to get more out of my day or be a better mom/person?  But then I realize it’s 1 AM and Brielle wakes up and she is hungry and is not going back to bed for the next two hours and so the cycle continues.  Just the other day I was in the middle of feeding Brielle and Brighton took my coffee mug to the living room and dumped it on the carpet.  These are not the most glamorous of times but they are my reality.

Here is what I have learned these past two months.  YES, blogging and styling outfits really and truly does give me great satisfaction and fills this small void that I presently have by allowing me to get creative and excited. It gives me something to look forward to! NO, I do not feel the need to compete with or get fancy all the time.  I really just want to do a mixture of what I really love. So I have decided to take the pressure off.  I am just going to do what I love! Style what I like! Sometimes putting yourself out there can be so scary, but I think whats even more scary is to put myself out there and loose myself by getting swept up in the blogger craze of Instagram.  I just want to style and create but on my own terms and in my own way.

Love what you do. Do what you love.



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