Family Thanksgiving!!

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This past weekend we spent with our family for Thanksgiving! We were with my husbands parents, but even more special, my sister-in-law flew in from San Fran with her husband Chris. I love how holidays bring the family together! We decorated the house for Christmas(since they will be spending their’s in Hawaii) but we had a Thanksgiving feast. I wanted to share a recipeF9ABC3CA47253157CA0617C388BB0959 with you.



This served 6 people two moderately full coffee cups 🙂

2 liters of Dry red wine. We used a Merlot
2 oranges
Allspice (we got away with using ground)
4 cinnamon sticks
Whole cloves
Sugar start with 2 cups

Pour the wine into a pan and let cook on low until steaming. Do NOT let it get to a boil or it will ruin 🙂

Slice the orange into thin slices and add it to the wine
Add 2 cups sugar and stir (add more to taste if needed)
half the cinnamon sticks and dump that in to
add the cloves about a tablespoon of wholespice (or 10 wholespice)
add Brandy (2 shots or 3)

Serve in coffee cups! 🙂

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