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While in Hawaii we took photos with the whole family! These were actually a very generous gift to my mother in law and the whole family by my one of my sister in laws. I would share the whole fam jam but some don’t share their children broadly on social media so I have posted the ones we took of the four of us.  They are so beautiful.

She looked at several different photographers in the Kona area and they all offer different options.  She went with Modern Milestones Hawaii because her pricing was the most reasonable and offered three times if not more the amount of photos as others.  I think one of them said she only gives you 15 photos.  That isn’t really a lot when you consider our group size was 14 and we wanted lots of different variations.  Anyway if you are considering this as an option in your travels to Kona do your own research, but I highly recommend Jamie with Modern Milestones Hawaii.

I love that we were able to capture this incredible trip. I know I have spent all of February raving about it and going on and on.  But it truly sparked that bug (the travel bug) in the two of us that has been put to the side for SO long.  When Brendan and I first got married we traveled extensively for several years because of his job.  I documented some of that on this blog and through youtube.  We have put most of our traveling adventures on hold as I am sure many couples who decide to start a family tend to do!  Don’t take it as me complaining. I am so grateful for this little family of ours!  Nothing makes me happier than being the mom of these two beautiful children.  I just crave adventure from time to time and going to Hawaii lit a fire in both of us and its what really prompted us to say yes to going on a trip for our 10 year anniversary.

We went back and forth on it for over a year.  Do we go? Do we stay and start doing small renovations instead? Do we buy a bigger car to start planning for baby number 3?  Are we making the right choice to go without the kids?  Should they come with us? Honestly so many things swirling in our heads.  But when we got home  we were so committed to finding a way to make it work.

One of the resources by the way was a book called Worry Free Money. I will write about it soon.

Its incredible how much you can make yourself feel guilty over every single little thing.  This year we are choosing us! HAHA. 10 years is worth celebrating.

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