Family Life Retreat in Victoria Day 2

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saskatchewanfashionbloggerI wore this look on Day 2 of being in Victoria, B.C. at the Family Life Marriage Retreat. Be sure to check out the first post HERE.

And in the evening I added some heat and wore a red lip and darkened up my eyes a bit.

The schedule was from 9AM to 10AM and then there is a couples project from 10-11 and then you break for lunch from 12:30-2PM  We walked to Rebar for lunch and the place was buzzing!  We didn’t have a reservation but it seemed to work out as they only had to clean off a table and they were ready.  I ordered the Rebar Bowl with tofu and who knew that something so simple could be so incredible! We waiting a really long time for our food. Like an hour and when we realized we could potentially be late for our meeting at 2pm sharp we were getting super antsy but when the food did come we Both looked at each other and were like ummm this is pretty special! We would for sure go again! We found out afterwards from our family that they know the owners and that they literally make every single thing from scratch. No short cuts are made whatsoever ( I mean including their own ketchup).  I just love that!

Then we were back at it again from 2-5 (with a short 15 min break) completely satisfied from lunch 🙂

This evening we had a date night (per curriculum 😉 ..) I knew without question that this would entail food and more food!  So the two of us went to Guild for a drink before our dinner reservations.  We basically went there because the door had giant keys on them and it just looked so cool!  I loved the smell of old wood when we walked in, just brings me right back home to the south. The place was buzzing and lots of people there. In all honesty though We probably wouldn’t go back though.  We ordered two drinks and our favourite, Truffle Fries (which were wonderful!).  I ordered a Caesar because it was written up that it came loaded with snacks which I thought would be cool to see vs. your typical pickled asparagus number.  The glass it cam in was literally so small! It was packed with ice and no booze.  Brendan ordered a old fashioned and it came with a cool modern huge ice cube in the middle but we both felt that for $12 a cocktail that it was just chinzy on the pours. We decided to stay for one drink and head over early to The Docks which is just a couple doors down from the Guild. You guys! We LOVED this place! It was so romantic! Right on the water. You can see the Parliament building lit up at night.  Every server there acknowledges you when you walk by. I felt like I was back home in the states where service is taken really seriously and it was just so refreshing! Brendan and I sat at the bar for a cocktail since we were a bit early and both were super happy with our drinks. I switched over to my usual Gin Martini with extra olives. We sat on the deck in the back right by the water and the two of us ordered their three course dine around menu and it was heaven.  I really loved this place!

We didn’t spend the evening talking about our workshops or things that we had learned that day. This was intentional on both of parts. We just sat and enjoyed each others company and enjoyed conversation in general. This day they packed in a lot of topics some were heavy and some were fun. Overall We both felt comfortable with the days discussions. I will mention it again here in case you missed my first post. My intentions of writing about our marriage retreat experience is very surface level.  Any specific details are for the two of us to know as that is what is important 🙂 But if any of you are at all curious or have questions I am happy to answer them directly.  Our marriage and our family are super important to both of us and thats what the focus is here.


Overall this day was really spaced out well and we stuffed our faces full so we were both pretty happy!

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