Family Christmas Photos

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I was so thrilled to work with Paige Winn to shoot some photos to announce our SUPER exciting news of expecting baby number 2 in JULY!!  We used several of these photos for our Christmas cards ordered from Tiny Prints.


I got to visit my family in Charleston,SC and it was such an amazing trip!  I had the worst morning sickness 24 hours before these were taken and I am so so grateful that they turned out so beautifully.  If you are ever traveling and in the area Paige does great family photos!  I hand made the sign Wood and Glitter Stickers purchased from Michaels, Bucket, table cloth, and ornaments purchased from a dollar store! 🙂
EC1A1055 EC1A1069
EC1A1078 EC1A1092 EC1A1096 EC1A1110 EC1A1122 EC1A1126 EC1A1134 EC1A1148 EC1A1157 EC1A1161 EC1A1168 EC1A1171

EC1A1191 EC1A1199 EC1A1203 EC1A1208 EC1A1213 EC1A1215 EC1A1219 EC1A1221 EC1A1225 EC1A1228 EC1A1235

EC1A1247 EC1A1249
EC1A1254 EC1A1257EC1A1262 EC1A1263 EC1A1268
EC1A1294 EC1A1295 Brighton


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