Erin Condren Life Planner 2014 VS Filofax

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I am sitting here slightly frustrated at myself and also finding it a bit ironic that this is the second time writing this post as the first one didn’t save? And the topic is how I stay organized?? Anyone?

I have recently made the switch over to the ever so popular Erin Condren Life Planner that I have been hearing so much about after using my Filofax Personal for a year (2013).  With Baby number two on the way I really needed what I call an upgrade as I find it has a lot more room to work with to keep up with our growing family.  I also really craved the color! I need more color in my life! Being pregnant I find that I am wearing black often and this just makes me smile! It’s the little things….right?

For the FULL run sure to check out my video HERE

DSC_0003 Here You will see how I added the extra personalized notepad that I stuck in the front (you can also place this in the back). I find myself using this so often and it’s so easy and quick. Ever catch yourself in a pickle of needing to write something down fast? I almost always have my planner close by so it makes writing things down easy and efficient.  So random that the print is in black? It’s literally the only thing black in the whole book…I mean an Ivory would have been great! 🙂DSC_0004 Here I have pictured my monthly budget sheet!  I downloaded it for FREE from The Uncluttered Lifestyle!  She is kind enough to share her hard work with the rest of us gals and isn’t it so cute! I have one printed out for every month and paper clipped in front of corresponding month. I so crave to have the note section taken out of this book and have the option of having a finance/budgeting section!!  That is the one HUGE thing I miss from the filofax and I don’t really like having all this loose paper in my book.

I have mentioned this as well as my idea to add a one page business card page that could insert similar to the ruler or even stick to the back page to add apt cards or contacts (similar to what the filofax offers) to the production team and they said they would look into it! THERE IS HOPE!!!

I really believe that this planner has the potential to become an all in one center….eventually. I mean the name of it is…”Life Planner”

DSC_0005 Here is a shot of the Month at a glance with a section for notes on the side.DSC_0006 Here is a shot of one week on two pages with a section at the bottom for meal planning and a goals and To Do’s on the side!DSC_0007Just call me the sticker queen!  The large custom round stickers on the right were an add on feature of the planner and all of the rest including the stencil I purchased off of Etsy from THIS seller who is in Japan I am just addicted to all of her stuff and love that the size is so small and that it doesn’t overpower all of the boxes on my planner!
DSC_0008 Here are some of my extras that I keep in the Filofax box that it came in…which is a reallly nice box! I also have extras of just about everything else in there!DSC_0009 How cute are these! These were meant for the Filofax but totally work with my LifePlannerDSC_0010 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0014

Overall I was just looking for change and something bigger. As I stated in my video there are definitely things I will miss in the filofax, but I wanted something that I could lie flat and that was easy to use.  We will see how this year goes though! At least I have my options!


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  • Barbara Earnest

    The Lily Pulitzer agendas have the elastic bands attached to the planner….one of the factors I really like about them.


    I really love the Erin Condren life planner but in the UK and it’s we don’t have them here .how can I buy one please let know please .thx for the awesome made fell in love with planners more and more …Reply plz

  • Shari

    Hello, Love the blog/video. I just wanted you to know that I found a solution for the business card suggestion that you had. At Staples I found 5 1/2 X 8 1/2 bound sheet protectors. There is a Staples version and Avery also has one. I just put some Erin Condren clips on it and it works perfectly! They also have sheet protectors, etc. that size if you want to do the same with those. Hope this helps.


  • Kate

    Are you able to share what etsy shop printed/made your budget stickers to fit for your ECLP pages?

    • Danelle

      I used Organized Stickers off of Etsy 🙂

  • Adella

    I would love to know the what etsy shop printed those budget stickers too! Love and want them! Share please!

  • Misti

    What is the gold color called on the color palette? The closest color I see to gold is called dandelion. Your help would be appreciated!

  • Marta

    I love your web site and youtube.
    I was trying to download the budget planner but it doesn’t exists anymore. Is it possible for you to email it to me. pretty please…. 😉


    • Danelle

      I found a PDF I had saved of it and would Email it to you What’s your Email? Mine is [email protected]

  • Jasmine

    I’ve tried opening the budget planner with no luck! Hoping perhaps you still have it saved and can email it to me:) Thank you and loved your video!

    • Danelle

      I do have a copy of it saved! My Email is [email protected] and I will forward it to you.

  • Nan

    Hi Danelle!

    Just discovered your YT channel, and love the way you’ve customized your EC planner with the budgeting sheets. As others have already pointed out above, it seems that the printable monthly budget sheet is no longer available via the link you had provided. Do you by chance have another downloadable link or is it possible to email it to me? Hate to ask you this, as I’m sure you’re super busy with life — but if you could point me in the right direction, I would be so appreciative! Hope you will continue to make videos, and would love to hear about how you organize other parts of your life!



    • Danelle

      I just found my saved copy of the budget sheet on my old computer. If you want to Email me I will send you a copy. [email protected]

  • Holly Marshi

    I so need and want the budget sticker you had uncluttered make for you and I’m having a hard time finding them on etsy !!!

    Thank you

    • Danelle

      Uncluttered Lifestyle took it down but I do have a saved pdf copy of the spreadsheet. If you EMail me at [email protected] I will FWD it to you.

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