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Wind it up! 2010
Brief highlights of my year.
January- I spent most of time this month babysitting for some parents with intentions that their children would learn how to speak English. The rest of the time I hung out with Verena! For New Years we sipped hot wine with the family in the  city center  of Ortisei, and then went sledding by our house.
There is a huge divide between all of the girls on the team so no one really hangs out with one another, and it’s a bit depressing and stupid all at the same time. Never to be defeated I had a girls trip with Rachel, who I met last year with a different team. In Milan! I scored a sweet pair of leather black boots, we stayed in a suuper cheap hotel that was the noisiest place I have ever tried to sleep! We got to see the Last Supper which we booked only one day in advance. Supposedly this is impossible to do. I thought that it was so worth seeing. The whole story behind it is remarkable.
Downtown Ortisei
Bolzano Market
Our super cheap hotel room
Great shot of Rachel
Train station
On our way to Milan!!
February-  Brendan and I headed to Salzburg Austria! Boy is it ever beautiful there! We stayed at the NH Carlton and had the MOST amazing dinner at Mirabel restaurant. We celebrated V Day early and even ordered a bottle of wine to go with our meal. I froze on this trip! I was also wearing a skirt. Brendan signed a playoff contract with the Laredo Bucks in TX but will only happen if they get knocked out of the playoffs here early.

I think mostly being cooped up in the snow was really getting to me. February is generally a hard month for me in general.I needed girl time like it was nooo other so I booked a super cheap flight to Denmark to see Amanda and Donny. I stayed from the 26th-March 3rd! On the trip home Brendan met me so I got to enjoy another night in Milan and show him the beautiful Duomo! We both even did some shopping!  He got a couple of ties and shirts and I got a couple of shirts. Brendan’s old college friend Dov came to see us for a couple of days and that was a lot of fun! He drove in from Slovenia where he was playing goalie.

my boots i got in Milan!
I wish I had this couples Email! What a moment!
Where we had an amazing dinner in Salzburg
Huge grocery store in Denmark
On the beach in Esberg Denmark
Which one should I take…?
Amanda and I
Yum!! Watching the Olympic Hockey game
Canada won the game!
Shopping Downtown
Round two in Milan!
March- Started out as a huge waiting game…will we win the next game or go home? Will we get to go to Texas or not? We ended  up in second place and not going to Texas. It allowed us to relax and say goodbye to everyone.  We were planning a huge end of the year trip and travel somewhere, but ended up hanging around the valley.  Mostly because I got reallllly sick. The worst I have ever been. I lost a ton of weight which was not a good thing. I was kind of sad about not going on one last extravaganza because I had a big feeling that we would not be back in Europe to play hockey again. Our playoff bonus was lots of fun cause we booked a trip to Mexico!
drinking songs at the pub
crazy Italians
we just won a big game
Verena and I
Brendan likes to sing on tables
One big bottle of Champs
April- We spent the first week with the team and friends and end of the year party’s and flew home to Canada on the 6th. We made a point to eat at all of the restaurants we could that we missed in the 9 months we were gone. Then it was Charleston on the 12th, Cancun on the 14th, back to Charleston on the 21st , and back to Canada on the 29th. And there goes April!!!!!
Sushi at the resort
Lobby Area
Brendan jumping into a sink hole
It’s wayyy bigger then it lookds!
About to go on a boat cruise
Brendan and my nephew
My sister and I in Myrtle Beach
We took him to the aquarium
Playing golf in the house!
May- We got settled in for the summer in Canada. At this point we start talking about if we should quit playing hockey. Brendan applied for law school over the winter. We looked long and hard for a pup a lup and settled for a Min Pin. We went as far as sending the owner a check. At the very last minute she told us the puppy we picked wasn’t able to fly because she wasn’t healthy enough. I was sooo sad! It’s funny though how things work out exactly as they should be. In the end we were better to not have had a dog just yet. But I am sure if we did have her with us we would have made it work.  May 27-30th Brendan flew to Boston for his 5 year reunion.

June We took a weekend trip down to Saskatoon so that Brendan could re-write his LSAT test (just for good measure) I had so much fun shopping and went to the spa and got a scrub, massage, and facial. Little did I know what a few months time would bring. (see October if you must know now) We attended a couple of weddings this month one in Regina and one in Banff. So far we have made it out to Banff at least once a year. I love it there! Such an amazing place to visit!!

I always order the Lake Louise Ice tea
July We flew to San Francisco for Ade and Chris’s wedding!! What an amazing trip all together!! They had a beautiful ceremony!! I love Palo Alto! They both got signed on with google and start there new jobs when they come back from their honeymoon in Hawaii! Congrats to them both! We also took a little camping trip when we came home. It was awesome! It rained the whole night, after we were settled, and it was so relaxing.

Thomas Fogarty Winery
Mona Lisa in San Fran
Bride and Groom are right up front. Mini Harvard Renion
Love them
Brendan and Lin playing
Cooking Breakfast
Camping trip
 Yayyyy we have been married for two years!!! We had an amazing celebration and I wrote allll about it HERE. I had a reallly great time. August 15th- September 15th I flew home to South Carolina to be with my family. My sister just gave birth to a little boy named Cooper and I went to help out and visit with them for a month. I thoroughly enjoyed the hot, humid, sunny, weather!
My two nephews

September 15th I came home from Manning and moved to Saskatoon! Brendan decided to go to Law school instead of playing euro hockey. Although he still plays hockey for a senior team, which is nice. Beats quitting cold turkey. I spent a whoooole lot of time organizing and unpacking all of our things. This is the first opportunity that we have had to break out all our wedding gifts and I enjoy using our new things )

October-I got a job! I actually got hired as an aesthetician at the same place I visited a few months prior on my little spa get away. We attended a friends wedding in Regina and it was such a beautiful wedding!
November- Ade and Chris came down for Thanksgiving and we had a feast!!! I have been working realllly hard and trying to adjust. It’s kind of a weird feeling after not having a “real” job for nearly two years. I had a few break downs and cried a bit until I realized how childish I was being!
December-Snow Snow Snow!!! It’s only been -28 C ugh!!! Brendan went on a little guys trip to Las Vegas for Salt Lake City Utah. I stuck around here as the holiday season is the busiest time of the year for work. I did, however, have a murder mystery party with some co-workers. Man is that game so much fun!!! We laughed allll night long. We really got into character and dressed up and had a little dinner party. I highly recommend it! I made my own Christmas cards and had so much fun mailing them out! I am so thankful for such an amazing and eventful year. Looking back at it with these little notes gives me so much perspective as to how lucky I am to have such a loving family!

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