Edo Your Heart Out

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Did you know how versatile the Edo Japan Menu is?   Last week our family had the opportunity to go three times and boy did we Edo our hearts out!

Day 1

We went for a healthier lunch option before we all went to the fair !  We decided to check out the new Grasslands location! We ordered  Brighton and Brielle the kids menu with teriyaki chicken and rice and the other the with noodles and a big order of fresh sushi.  This is the day that they fell in love with the ninja tattoos! HAHA seriously played ninja the whole time they ate! Did you catch it on my stories?

Day 2


We had several errands we needed to run at the Cornwall centre and decided to stay for lunch!  I was so excited to have the vegetable udon soup! I literally love soup so much!  We also ordered a bento box, 4 piece california roll (they have so many sushi options that are all made fresh) the tempura shrimp was a nice treat!  When you think of food courts its usually the standard pizza, fried chick and fries.  As a mom who tries to nourish her kids with variety and healthier options this was a great lunch together!

Day 3

This was my favorite! We went to the East location for some dinner on a warm day and ordered the MOST delicious chop chop bowls, Yam Tempura, and more sushi for our Brielle Belle.  Did you know that Edo had Pocky?  We sure didn’t! The kids were doing a happy dance and discovered that they love Edamame beans!  There is so much color in the chop chop bowls. REALLY enjoyed it!


To recap the whole experience, I can honestly say that these were all healthy options for our family that we enjoyed. We loved that we were able to spend some time together out and about with delicious food, and we loved that our kids tried a couple of new things!

The biggest thing was the variety. Usually when I eat at a place it takes a while to go back because I’ve had my “fix”. With Edo Japan, the variety between the bento box, the sushi, tempura, the noodle bowl and the soup is like you are ordering from 3 different places. This makes it an easy choice when you are with a group trying to meet everyone’s taste. And also great because you are confident with the quality of the food, so you don’t have to risk trying out a new place to still get the different meals.

Over on my Instagram Edo Japan hosted two $25 giftcard giveaways!  Congrats to @terripiette and @stacey.renee.b




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