What we put in our Easter Baskets

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Brielle’s Basket: Pair of Easter Shoes to wear on Sunday’s, A small princess toy for her doll house, A Peppa pig to go with her other house toys, a lego toy of her own, a few sweet treats, and a cute headband with ears on them.

Brighton’s Basket: Has an Easter Sunday shirt and tie, a few sweet treats, Lego set, and mini nerf gun because he loves them.



I am sharing what I rounded up for Brighton and Brielle’s Easter Baskets.  These are a bit different than what I usually do because Grandma beat me to the punch.  These are there second set of baskets they have received, the spoiled runts.  Hers were craft, activity based with a few small knick knack toys, books.  I know they will love these though as they are still at the age where everything is amazing and magical.  Like literally magical. Brighton to this day thinks that automatic doors, toilets, and sinks are real magic.  That may be my fault because I agreed with him that they were indeed magic!



It’s Easter Morning and Brighton and I are both sick.  I thought I would just combine these two posts and share with you a few of them opening their Easter Baskets.  We sadly missed church this morning but Brendan helped out a lot and we were still able to do an Easter egg hunt.  These are so different from when I was a kid growing up in California and South Carolina.  We always did these outside in the green grass and in the frilliest of dresses.  I don’t know if I will ever get used to doing them indoors!  It snowed again this morning which sure was a big surprise.


Happy Easter Everyone!

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