That Casual Swing

First I want to say this post is NOT sponsored 🙂 I wanted to make sure I shared the link (not affiliated just a killer deal) to this dress.  You know how sometimes has sales on top of sales.  Well I bought THIS DRESS  for $18 (Canadian that’s $14 US for reference) !!!  Currently […] Read More

Ocean Sports Adventures

Brendan and I just got back from the big island and I really wanted to write about our travels and share.  We were there for about 11 blissful days.  Before going my sister in law sent us a list of things that she knew were really fun and sent us a link to Ocean Sports.  […] Read More

Valentines Day Date

Real Talk… The past Several years, Valentines Day always felt like it came at the worst time. It was right after Christmas, we would be trying to make winter travel plans, I hate going out in the cold. We used to do things like traveling dinners, or get creative with movie marathons.  But their was […] Read More

Christmas 2017

      From what I recall this is the first family Christmas we stayed home!  We actually really loved it so much, that we plan on doing it again this year!  Getting away in January just seemed so much more relaxing.  Because we were staying home I really spent a lot more effort in […] Read More

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