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First time I have touched snow is sooooooo many years!

This lil guy jumped up on Brendan because he wanted more food!
King of the Hill

The three seasons Winter,Fall,and Summer

Sunday afternoon we got in the car and just drove. We knew the general direction that we wanted to go was towards Fassa for a nice scenic route, however, a planned destination isn’t really our style. As we drove we saw a poster for the Dolomites and looked left, we could see them creeping over the tops of trees in a town we were driving in. Soooo we headed in the direction of these 10,000 feet sedimentary rock mountains. The Dolomites hosted WW1 between the Italian and Austrian armies and you can tour all of the tunnels that they used. I can’t explain just how amazing this drive was. We stopped along the way and sat on top of a huge rock we climbed right in the middle of it all. Mostly to collect ourselves and take it all in and partly because I brought a bible and figured we could read a bit. We got pretty hungry around 5 and stopped in a lil shop that had sandwiches. That didn’t really pan out because the guy wouldn’t sell them to us for reasons that are unknown. So we held out until we got back into our town to eat a burger and fries at the sports bar. Not because we wanted to go there really but because we knew it was open and it’s the only restaurant that we know how to get to.

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