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Chantelle Softstrech


Lets talk garment talk!  I am so excited to be sharing with you Chantelle’s Soft Stretch Comfort 2.0!

When I was very young one of my very first bras was a French Lingerie brand named Chantelle. I remember how excited I was to find it because the quality was excellent and, amazingly, it fit perfectly. Finding my size (32dd or 30e) at the time was extremely difficult.  I remember the feeling even now, because not only did they fit but they were cute, sexy, and made me feel good when I wore it.  And let’s be honest, that’s what really counts at the end of the day.  When you feel good in something you remember it, gravitate towards it, and wear it.  If you are like me, it can even affect your mood!  I have been a Chantelle customer for years for all these very reasons,  so when they reached out to me I can say that it was the easiest decision!  Yes!!

So here it is!  They have launched their massively popular and innovative Soft Stretch range that features seamless material that accommodates all body shapes and sizes with their one size fits all pieces.  They are ridiculously soft, so comfortable, and literally fit seamlessly under your clothes. I forget that I am even wearing them which is major goals! Sold worldwide you can use this link (not affiliated) it will give you an accurate list of retailers near you for convenience.


Disclaimer: I do consider myself to be someone more on the conservative side so feel like I need to say, that these photos are less revealing than my swimsuits I usually wear and more applicable to daily life.  Please note that these photos were edited*……..quite beautifully might I ad!

Photos By: Sarah Cheshire

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