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Brighton at ONE Month


Brighton was born on March 27th at 8lbs and 14 oz at 2:31 AM.  Even at the waking hours of the day this little guy was such a joy.  He has spoiled us rotten with being an amazing sleeper from day one! Child birth is by far one of the most exhausting things I have ever done…and I feel like that is saying a lot considering I was very athletic in my “younger” years.  I must say I was somewhat disappointed with how things are set up in Canada in the sense that there is no place in the room I had to stay in post delivery for my husband to stay by my side.  Not even kidding! He had to go home! I was so nervous and exhausted.  I tried to rest but kept hearing crying babies and my loud obnoxious roommate that I didn’t get any sleep at all.  I think my husband was conflicted about it as I am sure he felt bad for leaving at the same time I think he was grateful that he at least got some solid rest as Dads get just as tired.  I mean he did a lot of standing! HAHA!  I must say we are incredibly fortunate to have had Brendan’s mother stay with us the first month Brighton was with us.  She helped with the cooking and cleaning and even fed brighton a few times (pumped breast-milk) so that I could get some solid sleep.

I won’t get into too much detail as I feel like it is a blog post all on it’s own, but I was only able to commit to two solid months of breastfeeding my little guy.  And believe me….you can hate all you want (I have even gotten comments from Alberta health advisors)  you can’t make me feel any more bad or guilty about it than I already do.. Plain and Simple….Brighton was born with the habit of sucking on his own tongue and bottom lip and would not latch properly on top of my having inverted nipples. I had to speak with 5 separate lactation consultants before being introduced to nipple shields (and the first time being matched for the wrong size).  The nipple shield worked for a little while but ultimately Brighton would just fight me with it.  My life got a whole lot simpler and less stressful (as I would literally cry trying to get him to latch) when I switched to formula. Ultimately both of us are very happy. And most importantly his paediatrician says he is incredibly healthy.

The first month of Brighton being with us went by so so quickly. It’s crazy how fast the time flies! We had the picture below taken when he was exactly a week old! So So cute!



1 2

He love loves this mamaroo!!3 4 Happy Easter!!5 Lexi warming up to our new addition of the family!6 We had the whole crib in our room and we did this the first two months.  We then moved the crib into his own room (which is literally down the hall and we can hear everything) where we installed a camera style baby monitor.  So So handy when you live in a two story home. We have had absolutely no sleeping issues to report thus far and he is well adjusted in his own room.  We hear all sorts of things about swaddles vs. no swaddles.  Brighton slept so much more soundly and longer when bundled up!  We thought it was the right choice for our guy. So for the first two months he used the above swaddle that was gifted to us and it is was one of the best gifts we received! Brendan would have been hopeless at the swaddle if it wasn’t for this velcro swaddle for dummies sort.7 Brighton has been so alert and strong from day one.

IMG_0242 IMG_1163 IMG_11449

This is exactly one month picture!!

Brighton at TWO Months

SO SO much change happens in one short month! He has started to fit and fill out all his little clothes making them all that much cuter!  He smiles and coos at us all the time now.  This month Brendan graduated from Law school which is so exciting. And we also had the WHOLE family out not  only for the grad but for a Sip and See party that my sister in law hosted.uu z y

Calgary is so gorgeous!
u SAM_5315 SAM_5314

Brighton smiling at Daddy!qo

We are getting so much use out of this Baby Bjorn.  Sometimes it’s just so nice to not have to fuss with a huge stroller and make things simpler with this carrier.p pp

AMAZING EATS made by Chris and Adrienne.
io2moI think this shot of him at two month is HILARIOUS with his fist in his palm haha Fist Palming!

A few highlights this month were how engaging he his with sounds of music. He loves going to his little My Gym class and seeing all sorts of colors. He has gained a lot of upper body strength and is still sleeping like a baby 🙂

Brighton at THREE Months

rrrrrr zzzz

qq rrI know that there are several nay sayers of the bumbos. We purchased ours to give Brighton a rest from laying on his head. We started noticing a flat spot on his perfectly round head. He actually really likes it.  We don’t use it that often though.

DSC_0755 DSC_0750

This Month Brighton has thoroughly enjoyed using his Jolly Jumper. He gets such a kick out of it.  At 11 weeks old he started  to roll from his tummy to his back, He won’t keep his fingers out of his mouth and he has REALLY discovered his vocal cords!! This boy can squeal!! All in all he is one happy kid!

Brighton at FOUR Months

DSC_0059 DSC_0056 DSC_0055DSC_0053 DSC_0052 DSC_0048Brighton is growing and growing! He is now in size 2 diapers and is 2 feet tall. He has also grown out of some of 3 month sleepers.  We no longer swaddle him but do use a great nap sack.  We are going to start introducing some rice cereal in the next week or so.  Brighton is grabbing for things and starting to roll on his side. His fine and gross motor skills are coming along so quickly!!  He love loves playing with toys and musics.  He also really enjoys baby einstein videos 🙂

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